Tips To Choose Best App from Salesforce AppExchange For Business

AppExchange is the best marketplace for Salesforce users to find the applications. There are both free applications and also paid ones. Only a Salesforce Administrator can manage to install the applications in the Salesforce org. Anyway, recommended below are some useful tips/suggestions for finding the best apps through AppExchange.

Have Clarity about Your Objective

Just like every other product, one must have clarity about the need for the app. This clarity can be helpful for better evaluation of the features of the selected application. In general, business groups look for app exchanges on the following occasions.

  • When they require data cleansing, i.e. upon finding too much duplicity, they look for an effective way of merging records in bulk.
  • For marketing purposes, specifically while looking for a cost-effective option for handling bulk mails.
  • While looking for different ways to find data on a map, for a certain entity.
  • While looking for a tool to perform the same task with a lot of records.
  • For streamlining document generation, including data entry in Salesforce, invoice generation, etc.

In most cases, the business groups look for app exchange on the above occasions. So you can identify whether any of the above cases is relatable for you. Suppose you found the kind of app you were looking for. Now, the following points must be taken into account for knowing the effectiveness of the same.

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Can It Be Migrated To Lightning?

As Lightning is already there, Salesforce often recommends shifting to Lighting. Hence, it is quite obvious to check whether there is an option for migration. But, at the same time, ensure that it supports Classic as well. It’s not a tough task to check whether an app is available for Lightning. First of all, one needs to visit the AppExchange App listing and then come down to Overview, and then find the Highlights section, where one can find the Lighting Ready mentioned (if the application is optimized for the same).

Go With the Most Updated One

This is certainly one of the key aspects as everyone wants the most updated one. In those cases where the most recent release occurred is a couple of years past, chances are high for such apps to not be updated any time sooner. There might also be the chances of coveted bug issues. It is thus advised to go with the applications released in six months or sooner.

Check Out the Reviews

It’s an obvious thing that can be related to any other application. In this context, it is advised to go with the applications having a minimum of ten reviews. Also, make sure that the reviews left are not all entirely identical or spam intended.

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There Should Be a Proper Customisation Guide

It is critical to ensure that there is a customization guide available. In fact, it is crucial to ensure that the guide is updated enough. It is better not to install apps with any such guides as it can be annoying.

These are some of the very fundamental things to enquire about while selecting a good app from AppExchange.


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