Guided Selling and Complex Billing in Manufacturing with Salesforce

For a manufacturing company, preparing professional and accurate quotes is just as important as other operations. It may sound easy, but as the number of clients increases and demands custom pricing and packages, the billing process becomes even more complex. In such cases, companies would look for solutions that could help with guided selling and complex billing. That’s where Salesforce comes in to help manufacturing companies with pricing. lp

Salesforce has its product to simplify the time-taking and complex task of generating billing with CPQ, i.e., Configure, Price, Quote. It’s a total lifesaver for companies as it streamlines the billing processes and generates automated quotations.

Simplified Guided Selling and Complex Billing Process

For any company, serving its customers efficiently is the most important process. No company can afford to do anything that might frustrate its customers. Thus, there is constant effort to cut down the waiting time on complex billing. With Salesforce, billing is no more time-taking. Here are some ways Salesforce can simplify the billing process for manufacturing companies.

1. Quote Generation

Quotations provided to clients are a way to present how professional your company is. It leaves an impression of the brand. Salesforce helps manufacturing companies leave a good impression on clients with customizable and smart quoting templates.

These quotation templates can be used to create and send quotations, professional proposals, and invoices, helping to close deals faster.

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2. Guided Selling

The selling process of manufacturing business can be optimized using the feature of guided selling by Salesforce. Guided selling helps sales representatives to add information acquired from prospects and acquire optimal or custom product packages that suit the customer the most. The feature helps to cut down on effort and time invested by representatives on manual quoting. This helps to find the best fitting services and products for any customer.

3. Automated Reporting and Intelligent Analytics

With the help of Salesforce CPQ, you can easily integrate your sales process with the applications you use to increase sales profitability. You can use inbuilt tools like Einstein AI to apply logic and identify what’s wrong in your sales process and work on improving it. The tool even analyzes data and generates automated performance and profitability reports with accurate information.

4. Subscription Billing and Management

Many companies work on products and services for which recurring bills are prepared. Salesforce can simplify work with recurring bills. It helps to streamline the recurring billing and revenue management process by automating the process of subscription billing. You can also use Salesforce to manage free trials, discounts, renewals, refunds, all in one place to easily offer flexible billing terms.

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Ease Up Guided Selling and Complex Billing with Certified Experts

A sophisticated tool that can simplify the billing and quote generation process for a manufacturing company is always worth the investment. Automate your mundane administrative tasks and focus more on revenue generation with Salesforce.


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