Give your Salesforce Data the Protection It Deserves

If your business deals with a lot of data and relies on Cloud-based Salesforce technology, then you know how crucial it is to make sure that your data is always backed up. You need effective backup and recovery strategies that enables utmost Salesforce data protection. If you are fully relying on native Salesforce exports for backup and recovery, you are keeping your data at risk.  

In this blog post, we will talk about the importance of giving your Salesforce data the protection it needs by using Archive on Cloud (AoC). With this innovative backup and recovery tool offered by Webuters Technologies Pvt. Ltd., you can make sure that your Salesforce data is secure, no matter what happens. 

What Exactly Is a Backup?

A backup in general language is another copy of your data on some sort of storage, such as a jump drive, hard-drive, or cloud. Data in Salesforce is stored inside of the CRM application, and it can be accessed through different reports. This data includes accounts, contacts, opportunities, custom objects, tasks, calendar events, etc. If an organization does not back up their data often or work through data security,  measures, that could leave them susceptible to data loss. For example, it may be a job of a person to periodically export data from Salesforce, but they do not proceed to back up this information before they send it off. You make changes in records often and lose the old data that you might need today.  

Salesforce data is stored on the cloud and can be accessed easily but it’s backup is via weekly exports which user my end up saving on his local system. As a result, there is a risk of exposing sensitive data related to your company to anyone who has access to it. This is where automatic backup comes in handy. Backup solutions for Salesforce must be automatic to eliminate the manual errors as well as must be secure. The backup process captures all the data changes that you've made since the last successful backup with the intention to restore them in case something happens. 

Backup solutions for Salesforce must be automatic to eliminate the manual errors as well as it should be secure. The backup process should capture all the data changes that you've made since the last successful backup with the intention to restore them in case something happens. 

AoC provides Salesforce data backups that are secure and easy to recover, so you don't have to worry about losing your critical data. Protecting your business with clear backup policies will give you peace of mind while still offering a convenient backup storage solution.  

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Are you Worried About your Critical Business Data?

In today's ever-changing digital world, there are always new revelations on sharing, storing, and protecting your data. In the last three years alone we've seen drastic waves of data breach. Combine this with a workplace that is constantly volatile, and you'll find yourself wondering what to do if disaster strikes. How can we protect our company's valuable business data? One way is by using a backup system. The more backups you have, the easier it will be for your company to recover files in case of an emergency.Are you waiting for the unexpected disaster to strike, so that you can take action? Then this is your chance to start protecting your data with a proactive solution such as AoC. AoC is here to help! AoC is a Salesforce data protection platform which can protect your critical business data from disasters of any size or magnitude. 

One of the key features of AoC is that it automatically backs up the data. It also includes easy recoveries and history of records 

Why Archive On Cloud for Salesforce Data Protection?

The challenges associated with Salesforce data backup and recovery can be very costly. For instance, in the event of an on-premises disaster requiring a data restore, it may take days to recover only those valuable files while calculating several weeks of export data. Even if exporting is completed every week, some files are inevitably lost and irreplaceable because they are changed over time. The solution for this important issue is to implement a third-party tool like Archive on Cloud that would allow for more efficient data backup and recoveries. 

Differences Between Archive On Cloud and Salesforce Exports

The downside to Salesforce exports is that they take away the data between two exports. A second downside is that CSV/Excel format is not very user friendly. The final downside is that importing information takes time and requires manual intervention, which increases the risk of error. 

With AoC, you no longer have to do manual backups or worry about losing data. The software automatically backs up your data as it changes, and stores them in an easily accessible database. The one big factor that sets AoC apart from Salesforce is the automatic backups. It does daily automatic backups, and also offers on demand backup for anytime use. With its backup in a Database, it will be effortless to use this data as needed. Lastly, AoC eliminates the need for manual work and offers on-click recover your data. 

Archive On Cloud Benefits That You Might Have Missed

Are your data stored backed up and available at any time? Do you have a plan if something happens and your technology fails? These are questions every business has had to confront at one point or another. Threats come daily, ranging from small data-destroying incidents like fires, hurricanes, flooding, and even power outages. For large companies who have extensive information on assets, and finances, the risk involved with losses can be even greater. This is where the protection of your data becomes crucial. There are many ways to secure your data when it comes to risk prevention factors, but there is just one thing that manages all of them: Archive On Cloud. 

Archive On Cloud is a powerful Salesforce data protection tool that keeps your data safe beyond situations. If you are not using it yet, you are missing on many benefits and risking your data too. One day, without warning, Salesforce or your company could be down for any reason. That's why Archive On Cloud comes in to give an extra set of eyes which watches out your data for even the worst days. With what seems to be a very high rate of demand for their cloud-based service, Archive On Cloud has all the plans and capabilities to serve organizations from medium size to huge sizes. 

Some of the amazing benefits you are missing: 

  • Automated Daily Backup: This always brings your organization real time backup by ensuring an automatic report is available daily in case of emergency. It also gives you more time to focus on other essential tasks.
  • On-demand backup: It offers an option for on-demand backups with no limitations in frequency or amount, yet it streamlines your current processes without any additional over expenses. 
  • No limitations on backup size: Store all or important objects and records, along with attachments to keep your business future proof.  
  • Quick and easy data recovery: Recovery of data in Salesforce beyond Recycle bin and weekly exports can we very costly. You permanently lose your data after 15 days from Recycle Bin in Salesforce but with AoC, you data is safe forever, you can quickly recover your data over clicks at any time.  
  • History tracking of records without limitations: It allows you to check historical records or versions of data that you have changed over time, or the data that have been accidentally deleted by someone or selectively lost due to a virus attack or human error blast. You get back complete control over what information needs to be restored from versioning data 

Beyond that, it offers many benefits that enhance the process of managing your data. With a few simple clicks to setup a connection, Archive On Cloud will keep your data safe beyond situations and make sure it is never in jeopardy again. With its on-demand backup, quick recovery tools, and complete manual work elimination possibilities, Archive On Cloud's data backup and recovery functionalities is what your business needs to stay protected. 

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Bottom Line

In conclusion, more needs be done to protect data. However, many statistics show that once a company has lost data, the amount of time it takes them to find the data is staggering. Although relying on Salesforce for data protection or backup and recovery is generally not bad, there are some risks when you rely 100% on Salesforce like limited data resiliency. Archive On Cloud is a platform that gives you more control and also helps you monitor your data with much ease using a smart dashboard. This means a robust Salesforce data protection tool should be in place to monitor and prevent data against human errors, accidental deletion, system outages etc.  With proper strategy and solution like AoC in place,  your critical business data is always safe and easily available when needed. So, don’t wait for the disaster to strike, get started with AoC and give your data the protection it deserves.  


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