Data Export in Salesforce

Data Export in Salesforce - A Brief Guide

Exporting data from Salesforce can be done with the help of Data Export methods, it can be done either in a manual way or in an automatic way. The data which is exported using the data export technique is in the form of a set of CSV files. Data Export is mostly done for backup or for importing it in other systems and even for copying also we can export data. 

There are Two Methods in Salesforce for Data Export

  1. Data Export Services: It can be accessed through the Setup menu and it is an in-browser service. If you want to export data automatically and even if it is time we can use it. Manually data can be exported on a weekly or monthly basis and in the condition of automation, it is the same weekly and monthly basis. Well, it has some prequestic like weekly export is only available in some limited Editions, Enterprise, Performance and Unlimited editions. For monthly export for both manual and automatic the editions should be Professional and Developer Editions.
  2. Data Loader: If you want to use Data Loader so very first you have to install it. The best thing about the data loader is that you can operate it by command line or you can even do it by the user interface. It could be both manually as well as automated, for automated processes you must use the command line. Even APIs can be also used to integrate it with some other system.

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Talking on the Part of the Data Export Service, it can be Done in the Following Ways:

  1. Go to setup, click on it, in Quick find box enter Data Export, now select data export from the options.
    • Now there are two options:- Export Now and Schedule Export.
    • Export Now:- If you want to export your files immediately go for it. Export now will help you to do this but it has one condition. The condition is there is enough time passed after the last export.
    • Schedule Export:- If you want to export data timely or in a scheduled way so go for it, it can be done at weekly or monthly intervals.
  1. Before exporting the file should be encoded.
  2. There are multiple options available, so if you want to export things like documents, attachments and even images you have to pick an appropriate option.
  3. If the export is scheduled, you have to pick or select a date and time, as the start date and end time of export as well as the same with the time, meaning in which time slot you want.
  4. Well after all these steps if you are ready to export data then you get many options to select data, so you have to select as per your requirements as if you want to export all data so go for Include all data option.
  5. Once all these steps are done so go for Start Export or Save. After this, a zip of the CSV file is created by salesforce and sent over Emails to you once the export is done. There is no certain times or fixed time is taken to complete this export.


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