Event Management in Salesforce in 2024

How to Build a Robust Event Management System on Salesforce? 

Organizing events is a strategic business initiative with multifaceted benefits. From expanding professional networks to building brand credibility and establishing strong connections with customers, events help businesses grow and succeed in various ways. 

While nonprofits organize charitable dinners, fundraising exhibitions, and volunteer events to support their charitable mission, commercial businesses handle conferences, seminars, workshops, and webinars to generate leads, connect with potential clients and partners, or showcase their products and expertise. In the modern, digital-focused world, every organization, regardless of its industry, benefits from organizing events. 

In this article, we’ll explore how companies using Salesforce can set up a robust event management system connected to CRM data streamlining the event planning and organization. 

Can Salesforce be used for Event Management? 

If you're asking this question, it's not surprising, as Salesforce is widely known as a CRM, not an event management tool. However, being extremely flexible, Salesforce can be used to manage event data and register attendees. 

Benefits of using Salesforce for event management: 

  • All data in one place 
  • Robust reporting and analytics 
  • 360-degree attendee view 
  • Centralized data management 
  • No need for external integrations 
  • Personalized attendee experiences 
  • Automation capabilities 

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Setting up an Event Management System on Salesforce 

In order to build an event management platform on your Salesforce org, you'll need to use a third-party application called AC Events Enterprise, specifically designed for use in Salesforce. Unlike other event management solutions, AC Events Enterprise is a 100% native Salesforce solution, with all components working strictly on the Salesforce platform (not Heroku). You can start using the app immediately after installing it from AppExchange. 

AC Events Enterprise allows you to use Experience Cloud functionality. You can create pages in Experience Builder for event delivery. Just drag and drop lists, filters, calendars – everything you need to provide event descriptions, set pricing options, gather registrations, communicate with attendees, and more… 

Salesforce Experience Cloud Event Landing Page 

Using AC Events Enterprise, you can create a dedicated event landing page tailored to a specific event. On this page, you can showcase all event-related information, such as location, pricing, important documents, and FAQs. Additionally, you can gather registrations, extract data for reporting, and more. If you're planning multiple events, you can feature them all on a single landing page, as shown in the screenshot. 

A separate event registration microsite is the ideal solution for those seeking a straightforward option that avoids complex development processes. 

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Mastering event management on Salesforce opens up a world of possibilities for businesses across various industries. Whether you're a nonprofit organizing heartwarming dinner or a commercial enterprise hosting cutting-edge conferences, Salesforce's flexibility becomes your secret weapon. With AC Events Enterprise and its seamless integration into Salesforce, setting up a powerful event management system is as simple as a few clicks. The app proves that event management on Salesforce can indeed be easy, efficient, and tailored to your unique needs, transforming your business events into not just gatherings but experiences to remember. 


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