Salesforce Data Loader | Import Relational Data

Credits : Salesforce Apex Hours

What is Data Loader and How to use it to import or export data to or from Salesforce?

00:00 What is Data Loader
01:00 How to download and install data loader
02:40 Updated record by Data Loader
05:12 Data loader configuration & Setting
06:29 Login in Salesforce org by data loader
07:46 Select Object
08:27 Field mapping in Data Loader
11:10 Data Loader vs Import Wizard
15:15 Data Export
20:38 Data Export by Salesforce Data loader
24:14 Data Export vs Data Loader Vs Report
26:13 Hard Delete vs Soft Delete
29:08 Hard Delete in Data loader
30:41 Import relationship in Data Loader
43:42 Key Consideration


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