Change Your Business Game With Salesforce and Vlocity

Salesforce has been one of the most well-known CRM platforms used by thousands of businesses, accountants, and firms all over the world. With over 150,000 companies using it along with their complementary suite of enterprise applications, Salesforce has earned quite a reputation over the years. Now, it looks like they’re ready to disrupt the market again with their $1.33 billion acquisition of Vlocity, a fairly new industry expert focusing on providing industry-specific cloud and mobile solutions. So, what is Vlocity, and how does it add value to Salesforce?

What is Vlocity?

Vlocity is a leading industry cloud software company that’s been creating applications designed to work and integrate with the Salesforce ecosystem. While they’ve been around for some time and have always been developing solutions mainly targeted to work on the platform, Salesforce has decided to acquire Vlocity to further improve their services.
Throughout the years, Vlocity has developed multiple applications built natively on the Salesforce platform, such as Vlocity Communications, Vlocity Insurance and Financial Services, and Vlocity Public Sector. All of these applications and others developed by Vlocity are available on Appexchange for various industries. With the recent acquisition of Vlocity, they’ve now become an official part of the Salesforce platform and will continue to provide enhanced cloud services for specific industries.

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How will Salesforce Benefit from Vlocity?

Throughout the years, Salesforce has been beefing up its abilities to provide industry-specific solutions to its customers. By partnering with companies like Vlocity, Salesforce can cultivate strategic ISV partnerships. It would also make industry-specific solutions a fundamental part of the current platform’s offerings.

How Can Customers Benefit from Vlocity?

Vlocity has already made a reputation for providing industry-specific solutions based on organizations' processes in certain industries. They offer pre-built applications that are well-suited to those industries they serve, which is a welcome and cost-effective solution for many organizations. Currently, Vlocity offers six industry clouds built on the Salesforce platform, which can already utilize:
  • Vlocity Communications addresses the needs of telcos that want to transform by deploying a comprehensive greenfield systems stack.

  • Vlocity Media and Entertainment extends the omnichannel capabilities of Salesforce for those companies in the media, publishing, entertainment, and broadcast sectors.

  • Vlocity Energy and Utilities is the only complete customer experience and CRM platform designed for energy and utility companies that rely on Salesforce’s core platform capabilities

  • Vlocity Insurance delivers a digital insurance platform that powers core business processes built for agents, brokers, contact centers, and consumers.

  • Vlocity Healthcare is a cloud solution for small to large group Medicare and Medicaid business lines.

  • Vlocity Government is Vlocity’s solution to enable citizens to reach their social and economic potential.

Looking at the bigger picture, the Vlocity acquisition is aimed to increase sales, service, and marketing agility of organizations that use the platform. It also has the potential to further improve operational efficiency and faster time to value across the enterprise.

This strategic approach to serving multiple industries enables the best engineering and product design practices across the sales, service, and marketing processes. Since Vlocity’s forte has always been to serve the very specific needs of different industries, they are bringing with them those best practices and guided interactions to hopefully influence Salesforce to focus more on each industry’s needs.

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Vlocity is a fundamental cloud service provider that has alwaays been an important partner of the Salesforce platform. Now that they’re officially under the Salesforce brand, expect Vlocity to bring better quality service and hopefully produce more solutions catered to other industries.

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