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Lightning App Manager in Salesforce - All you Need to Know

Lightning App In Salesforce

An app is a group of components that work together to accomplish a certain task. With Lightning Experience, your users can access collections of objects, tabs, and other items in a single handy bundle in the navigation bar thanks to Lightning applications. 

With Lightning apps, you can give your apps a unique colour and branding. Even a utility bar and Lightning page tabs can be added to your Lightning app. Your organization's members may work more productively by quickly switching between apps. What matters most to sales representatives? Organizations, events, and accounts. What about managers of sales? Dashboards and reports come in the first place. 

Each Lightning app features a top navigation bar that enables your users to: 

  • Discover what they require using item names for quick identification. 
  • With a single click, complete tasks and access recent records and lists. 
  • Customize the menu to reflect how they operate in a particular way. 

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What may Therefore be Included in a Lightning App?  

The majority of commonplace items, including Home, the primary Chatter stream, Groups, and People 

  • Custom objects for your org 
  • Tabs in Visualforce 
  • Tabs for lightning components 
  • Visualforce tabs with Canvas apps and Web tabs 

Which Advantages do Lightning Apps have over Salesforce Classic? 

  • Greater branding flexibility (e.g., choosing the colour of the app) 
  • Form factors that are supported. We can now manage who has access to the App based on the type of device. Our apps can be tailored to work on many devices.  
  • Computer and mobile  
  • Desktop 
  • Phone  
  • The Utility bar's accessibility (Desktop only). 
  • More customizable options, such as "Temporary Tabs," for the navigation bar. 

App Manager in Salesforce – How to Open? 

  • On the page's upper right, click the Gear symbol.  
  • Launch setup  
  • Find the app manager using the find page. 
  • To build a new app, click on the new lightning app. 

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New Lightning App Creation

  • Open the app manager   
  • Simply select New Lightning App. 
  • The wizard will start. Name, description, and branding should be added.  
  • Click Next 
  • Navigation Style  
  • Standard Navigation  
  • Console Navigation 
  • Supported Form Factors  
  • Desktop and Phone   
  • Settings for App Personalization 
  • On the following page, you decide which Tabs to show. We'll choose "Home," "Accounts," and "Contacts" from this menu. Select Next  
  • You must choose which profiles you wish to expose this app to in the final step. 
  • To return to the home page, click Finish. 

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