10 Commandments Of Becoming An Excellent Salesforce Administrator

Have you heard the entire hassle-bustle about Salesforce these days? Are you tantalized by the great Salary structures of various profiles in Salesforce? Well, you must be, if you are an IT enthusiast who is looking closely at the career trends of the IT market.

Salesforce skills are the most in demand, day by the requirements in the companies for Salesforce Professionals is growing. It is now not only limited to the IT industry but has spread its roots in Healthcare, Finance, Non-Profit Organizations etc.

Why should you opt for Salesforce as your career domain?

Job satisfaction, apt remunerations, high happiness quotient are some of the characteristics of having a profile in Salesforce domain. The huge demand and the upward growth in the future career scope curve are what makes the market of Salesforce and its skill set a hot topic.

Salesforce recorded revenue of approximately $10.48 billion in the last fiscal year. This shows what a big deal it has become now. The use of Salesforce is at an all-time vault up.

Here are 10 Rules For A Successful Salesforce Administrator 

1. Do not Hesitate in Trying Something New

When a company hires you, it sees something in you that it did not in the others who appeared for the same job interview. Make them worth it. It is ok to experiment. It is ok to even fail and then retry, but it is not ok to be a mainstream admin who does not know or try new things with his setup.

The innovation that you will provide will make you different from others. This will provide you with better career growth and opportunities.

2. If you are starting from the scratch go for Lightning Interface

If you are associated with an enterprise that is new to Salesforce, then start and develop everything in the Lightning Interface. Lightning is newer and better than the Classic interface and it will help you great guns to introduce Lightning from the beginning rather than first setting up everything in Classic and then transitioning or migrating to Lightning.

This is because you also know as a Salesforce Administrator that the enterprise will have to migrate to Lightning someday if not today!

3. Be up to Date with the New Releases

Don’t you wonder that there must be something that is so staggeringly well with Salesforce that its revenue, turnover, usage, popularity etc is just spreading among various sectors of industry? Well, if you haven’t then please start thinking now.

It is the ability of Salesforce to be at pace with the advancing digital world. It comes up with three updates in a single year to match the frequency of the virtual world. Be up to date with these new releases. Keep learning, keep growing!

4. Do not Personalize the Salesforce Setup Too Much

Setting too many custom fields or altering a lot of backend source code can lead to a huge loss of data. In order to make something new and innovative do not forget your basics that keep the setup to be as standard as possible.

Keeping it simple and standard helps the employees of the enterprise also as it is easier for them to understand and it will save you the time of explaining and conducting training sessions.

5. Setup Clear Data Relationships

It is very important to set up the Salesforce correctly. There are a few key data relationships which you need to master. Many experts suggest that a successful admin must know the following concepts at length to design a good Salesforce Setup -

6. Use AppExchange only when you have vetted a Particular App

As a good admin, you should try to build an org that is elastics or you can say resilient. Use as much less custom code in your org as possible. Thoroughly vet an app before you start using it directly from the AppExchange.

7. Document your Org as and when you Develop and Implement

This is one step that has helped admins over the years to catch the knotty slip offs that they have inadvertently made during any of the processes undertaken while setting up an Org. First of all, you have a record of your own activities to consult, secondly, you will not be working in the same organization forever so it will help your successors during any troublesome situation.

8. Keep a Track of all the Records

You can enable the Field History Tracking option which is available and you should enable it for all the field objects. You can track fields like email addresses of customers as well as their phone numbers on the field object of Contacts and Leads, because as you might expect and owing to human nature someone is likely to change the customer’s contact information on the wrong record by mistake and this can be easily corrected or be taken care of without any embarrassments if you track your records well.

9. Create a back up of your Org

It is always smart and is a trait of an excellent Salesforce Administrator that he always keeps a backup of everything. It helps you take care of inadvertent human errors that people keep on committing. Use the Schedule Data Export option to create a backup of your files.

The best part about Salesforce is that it provides you with all the features all you need to know is that they exist.

10. Be in touch with various Salesforce User Groups, Admin Groups or Communities

This is an excellent practice for an admin who is really worth his stripes. This is an easy way to know what is going on in the field, what is new, what are the obstacles faced by other admins. It helps you learn about the best practices of the market as working together and collaborating ideas is always good for the industry.


Every individual is unique in his own essence, however, if you take care of a few basic rules or let’s just say commandments, it will make you unparalleled. When an organization hires you, they have certain dreams, certain objectives and many expectations from you. Be that knight they are looking for and save their day.


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