Benefits of Integrating Salesforce and Jira - Minimize Hidden Costs Incurred by the Lack of Collaboration

Do you feel like your productivity or your team is getting affected due to a lack of collaboration with another team?

If that’s the case, you are not the only one enduring the repercussions of a lack of cross-team collaboration. Lately, It has become a key challenge for companies from around the world, and they are now looking to address it.

Wondering if the lack of inter-team/cross-functional collaboration could pose such a challenge to companies? It certainly can and it does. It costs in more ways than one could think of.

The Lack of Collaboration Leads to:

1. Lack of Innovation

A rigid governance plan of ‘all information staying within its own hub’ is far from ideal and goes against the ethos that most modern collaboration proponents make, leading to a stagnant organization and a lack of innovation.

2. Lost Productivity

If not pointed towards a structured outcome, lack of cross-functional collaboration often leads to your employees working in conflict with each other rather than complementing each other, leading to lost productivity.

3. Inundant Manual Work

When there’s a lack of collaboration, employees tend to put in more manual work compared to those with better collaboration. When there is collaboration in place with the right collaboration tools, repetitive tasks can be automated to oust the manual work.

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Hidden Costs Associated with the Lack of Collaboration

Now, let’s think of all the aforementioned challenges in the context of ‘monetary losses’. Your employees are taking longer to perform their day-to-day tasks with lower productivity, isn’t that costing you financially? Well, we think it certainly is.

If there is a lot of manual work involved, it means that it takes longer than usual to complete a task. Isn’t that a cost you are bearing? It precisely is.

That’s where collaboration tools come into the picture. Sinergify works as a collaboration tool for organizations invested heavily in Salesforce and Jira systems. Integrating both these tools can bridge different teams together and build workflows across multiple data touchpoints. Thus, giving more fluid operations connected by automated, integrated workflows rather than data locked in one place.

Benefits of Integrating Salesforce and Jira

Improved Efficiency

In the absence of Salesforce and Jira integration, the support, product, sales, and marketing teams’ time and productivity are wasted on navigating small admin and management tasks.

Sinergify presents an opportunity to boost their productivity. Employees are less tied up in manual data entry in Salesforce & Jira, and your workflows are more inclusive and efficient.

Automated Business Processes

With Sinergify in place, automation of workflows and processes involving both tools is a boon. Automation saves time, effort, and money by replacing manually initiated processes with software that reduces errors, enhances the work and process flow while lowering expenses and improving efficiency across the board.

Reduced Dependency on Customized Solutions

Dependency on customized solutions means sinking more up-front costs into your tools and it requires developer sources involving inherent risks. That also means needing developers to communicate throughout the software development cycle.

Salesforce and Jira integration via Sinergify eliminates the need for custom solutions within the Salesforce and Jira systems, thus, taking custom solutions out of the picture.

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Freed Up Valuable Resources for Other Projects

Salesforce and Jira integration via Sinergify also improve the visibility of your business performance. Accessing and processing information becomes rather easy for users to make highly informed, accurate decisions in a shorter time frame.

Automating a good amount of manual tasks of your sales, marketing, support, and engineering processes, your valuable employees would be able to spend more time on core and more relevant tasks.

Now, look at all these benefits from a monetary perspective.

With improved efficiency, freeing up valuable resources, and automated workflows, your teams are working rather productively. And if your employees are productive, you are saving those costs that the lack of collaboration was causing.

And productive employees mean a better experience for your end customers. That’s the cherry on the cake.

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