All You Need to Know About Apex Programming

Apex Programming

Apex is the object-oriented programming language used by the Salesforce platform. It enables developers to execute transactions and control statements on servers associated with Salesforce. Apex syntax is very similar to that of Java.

Features of Apex Programming

  • Case insensitive  
  • Perform DML operations 
  • Use can use SOQL (salesforce object query language) and SOSL (salesforce object search language)  
  • Easy To Use  
  • Easy To Test  
  • Integrated  
  • Strongly Typed  

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Application of Apex

  • Apex makes it simple for developers to build integrated websites.
  • Applications created with Apex are simple to create and use.
  • Developers can easily create and use applications using Apex. They can also develop applications that require complex business logic and are not supported by workflows.
  • Email accounts can be added by developers to the web application.
  • Applications developed using Apex use transactional logic, where the entire transaction is recorded as a single unit of work, rather than individual entries being recorded separately. This ensures data integrity and consistency in the database and allows for easy rollbacks in case of errors or failures during the transaction.
  • Through the apex, developers can easily update records.

Advantages of Apex

  • Salesforce offers all the facilities, so there's no need to buy the infrastructure or engage an IT person
  • Efficient in terms of cost because purchasing a monthly subscription to Salesforce is far less expensive than the cost of application maintenance and software license.
  • Salesforce offers comprehensive Authentication and Authorization to end users to access the application securely.
  • The platform makes it simple for developers to create new apps because they may leverage already-existing ones or modify them to suit their needs.
  • Offers a multi-tenant, on-demand platform. Additionally, with the permission of Apex's developers, third-party SaaS applications may access the backend database.

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Disadvantages of Apex

  • Unlike some other programming languages, developers are not able to create threads in Apex.   
  • The default functionality cannot be changed by a developer. It can only stop functionality from being added to the code or from replacing existing functionality.  
  • Temporary file creation is not possible in Apex 
  • Because all apex queries return many records from the database, developers should keep in mind that the application they are building should be able to handle numerous records (update, insert).   
  • Apex cannot display elements on the user interface by itself. 


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