Send Survey Email On Case Closure on Case without using Trigger and Apex Class

Send Survey Email on Case Closure​

We can create Survey Emails without coding and send them to any status of case closure. Use Flow Builder to send email survey invitations to leads, contacts, and users in your organization based on an action, such as when a customer support case is closed. 

Salesforce Survey is required to use: 

  • Enable and encourage the community. We would need to activate the community after it's been set up. Any template can be used to create a community. It may additionally be left blank if it is only being used for a survey. 
  • Go to Admin setup and enable Salesforce survey. You must select Community, which Survey will use to compute the public unique link. 
  • Create and assign a permission set that grants Manage Survey and CRED access to Survey objects. This step is only required if you are unable to see Survey in the App menu. 

Create Survey

Navigate to the App menu and search for Survey. Creating a new Survey in Salesforce

Every Survey would have below three options for Admin

  1. Create Survey 
  2. Send Survey to internal or external user 
  3. Analyze (Survey Report) 

The survey must need to have a minimum of 3 pages - a Welcome Page, questions page & Thank you Page. Each page, at the time of writing this article, contains below question types :

  • Date 
  • Multiple Choice 
  • Picklist 

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Step 1:

Create and activate the survey you want to send. This step assumes you have a community that hosts surveys and that the community's guest user has access to the Survey Invitation and Survey Response objects. You can only select active surveys when using the Flow Send Survey Invitation action.

Step 2:

Determine which field in the object will cause the survey invitation to be sent. This example employs a standard object known as CASE. When the Case's Status field is set to Close, the invitation is sent. Once the Status is Closed, an email is sent to the related Contact email with a survey link in order for them to complete a Case Closure Survey.

Step 3:

Create the flow. Select New Flow. Then select Record-Triggered Flow, as shown below:

Step 4:

Configure the trigger to start when the record is created or updated after the record is saved.

Step 5:

Create an Email Alert with Survey Link Embedded template with a default address.

Step 6:

Create an Email Action to use values from earlier in the flow to set the inputs for the "Case Alert" email alert. To use its outputs later in the flow, store them in variables.

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ContactEmailOfCase is the new Resource created with a type of text which store the Record id of the Current Related Contact on that Case Closure. Once the flow is activated, when a case status is set to close, a contact associated with a case record will receive a survey email within a few minutes.


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