5 Salesforce Lightning Features You're Missing Out On

Personalities praised for being bold, unique and intuitive deserve a working environment that reflects the same. Salesforce has transitioned from data entry focused on workflow productivity focused on its release of Lightning Experience. Lightning’s new interface empowers users to customize their user experience to enhance their unique selling style whilst maintaining cohesive processes between teams. Collaboration was an important theme for Salesforce Developers when they created the Lightning platform and it has paid off. Salesforce Reports that the implementation of Lightning Experience has resulted in:

  •  41% increased productivity
  • 40% more collaboration
  • 29% faster reporting
  • 21% win rates

What factors have resulted in these numbers?

5 features found only in Salesforce Lightning Experience:

1. Custom Home Pages

Sales teams are encouraged to customize the Salesforce home page to an environment that best supports your organizations' goals. The drag and drop functionality enables a quick view of Lightning Components with clear and concise insights. Each component is displayed in micro and macro to create a complete picture of the sales process and areas to improve ROI efficiency. Favorites allow users to quickly access important records, lists, groups, and dashboards. The Utility bar displays selected applications during the entire session.

2. Console Apps

Lightning console navigation improves application visibility with multiple records and related record displays, split view features enable sales teams to work quickly through a list. Lightning has yet to completely re-create all Salesforce Classic console apps, however, any app can be re-created with Lightning App Builder. The user can layout, add, re-order, rename and remove items with the custom navigation bar and custom console pages. Utility bar gives users quick access to productivity tools like softphones and History. Sales Console provides all necessary sales tools from the prospect leads to relationship management. Service Console’s design quickens case management resolution with split views, subtabs, notes, history and columns for generous accessibility to customer information.

3. Einstein Lead Score

Einstein Lead Score acts as a personal data scientist for your sales team. This addition to Sales Cloud can predict future outcomes, patterns in lead conversion history and predict current leads to prioritize as part of The Predictive Model. Using Machine Learning, Einstein analyzes characteristics for a simpler, faster and more accurate solution.  To better understand the lead score, lead field values that have the most positive and negative effects on the score are displayed. Your team will be able to identify leads suitable for the company standards, increase connection and conversion rates, find the best leads quickly and observe the factors that led to the score.

4. Path

The Path feature on Salesforce Lightning is a visual representation of the states required for working through a sales process. It is the guidance for success that Sales teams can reference. Sales upper management can include key fields that reps complete before moving to the next stage, best practices, words of encouragement, links to relevant Chatter posts, policy reminders and potential gotchas. Sales personnel can tailor the path to the industry vertical, product, or service they wish. Created paths are viewable to other members of the Sales team, so they can learn from their peers.

5. Kanban

Kanban, only found in Salesforce Lightning, enables Sales personnel to visualize their records in a more intuitive manner, by grouping them by the fields that mean the most. This view allows users to drag-and-drop records from one column to another, actively changing status and summarized totals. Kanban allows you to make lightning-fast changes to a large number of records but also allows you to digest the information you store in Salesforce in a whole new way.

If you decide Salesforce Lightning Experience is right for your business, Hire a team of Certified Salesforce developers that provide implementation services, migration to lightning, third-party app integration and custom app development using Lightning App Builder. Make moving to lightning easy and meaningful, ensuring systems are lightning ready, data integrity is secure and minimal downtime is incurred.

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