6 Amazing Features of Salesforce Lightning Dashboard

Six Amazing Features of Salesforce Lightning Dashboard

In the summer17 release, Salesforce has published a preview of its new features. There are lots of new features introduced in its new Lightning versions like Tracking, Keyboard shortcuts, Classic Email templates, field history and others. This article discusses top 6 features introduced in this new version of Salesforce Lightning


1)      Opportunity Interface Feature

In the new Salesforce Lightning, the opportunity interface looks changed and has a number of attractive and constructive features. The following figure gives a glimpse of these features in a visual manner. The opportunities in Salesforce Lightning are:

  •       Sorted by stage and displays the sum of all available opportunities for every stage
  •       Represented by the card
  •       User can create any new activity without moving away from this visual interface
  •       Board and grid views are available and the user can toggle between these views
  •       Opportunities can be moved to the next stage by dragging the card only
  •       Alerts are there to provide suggestions to Sales reps to crack the deal

The deals which are in progress have eye-catching visual representation. The opportunities can be easily moved from one column to another and the total number of opportunities will immediately update in that column.

2)      Smart My Day Interface

Another newly introduced feature of Salesforce Lightning is My Day Interface.Through this interface, the Sales team can check their activities of theentire day and see the results and the effectiveness of the activities as well. Following screenshot represents the interface:


The following features are offered by Salesforce Lightning Interface:

  •        The sales performance of Sales reps is displayed by performance chart as shown in the above screenshot
  •         Everyday updates are displayed by - The Assistant
  •        The news about recent records, accounts, and top deals is also displayed on the interface.

3)      Opportunities with Sales Path

The sales reps can easily qualify any lead with the help of this feature. The Sales Path is attached with the opportunities, which helps the reps to focus on the required data for the current stage of any lead and they can follow the standard process. The reps can move the stages of opportunities whenever they feel the need. Due to this feature of Lightning, the reps need not be worried about feeding information and they can just focus on the fields, which matter most to them.


4)      Utility Bar

Salesforce Lightning has a utility bar at the bottom. The bar can be customized and the custom and standard objects can be added to this bar. The bar has all the required components by default like Notes, History, Rich Text, Chatter feed, Visualforce etc. Here Filter List gives access to a pre-determined view of thelist and the recent items. In CTI software the screen pop also appears here.


5)      Kanban Board

Lightning users do not need to implement Kanban Board separately. The board can be accessed right from inside the CRM and it can be used for the objects like Contracts, Leads, Opportunities and Knowledge Base articles. The objects can be grouped together by the fields, which give it an intuitive display. You can also view alerts, totals and other characteristics of data as well. Theobject displayed on thescreen can also be grouped together by opportunity stage. It is enabled for a number of objects. Following screenshot represents the Kanban view of Opportunity page:


6)      Path

You can add thepathto each object, this feature was there in anearlier version of Lightning. With the help of this feature, a component can be added to any object, which displays the business process and changes their fields dynamically. In the following screenshot, path component is displayed with the opportunity page. Left side key fields and the Guidance for success on the right can change according to the stage.


In this way Salesforce Lightning provides a number of beneficial features for the display board, they not only provide greater visibility, but also are beneficial for the Sales reps and other users of Salesforce Lightning. The summer edition of Salesforce has come up with a number of features, apart from the earlier ones and still, it is releasing the new versions as per user’s feedback. The features, listed above are just a fewer one, while you can check the Salesforce website to know more about these features.

Wrapping Up:

The new version of Salesforce Lightning has a number of beneficial features and the company keeps on releasing the updated versions of Lightning to make it more useful and competent. Like responsive feature, it was not there in Salesforce Classic version Salesforce launched this feature in Lightning just to make it compatible with mobile and other handheld devices. A number of organizations are implementing Salesforce Lightning to automate their business operations and it has improved the customer relationship and the ROI of such organizations drastically.

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