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    What are Standard Reports in Salesforce?

    What are Standard Reports in Salesforce?

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    Standard reports in salesforce are those provided by salesforce.com. These type of reports can not be deleted and used primarily for creating custom reports.

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    Standard reports and report folders. When you start using Salesforce, by default,Salesforce comes with a lot of standard reports for different purposes. They are stored and categorized by the object name and purpose, such as, Account and Contact Reports, Opportunity Reports, and so on.



    Standard Salesforce Reports
    A report represents the relationship between primary objects and its related objects. To represent this relationship report has predefined templates which makes reporting easier. Every report displays only those records which meet the criteria.

    Salesforce has Standard report type as default report type. Standard report type is present for all salesforce standard objects. For custom objects, Salesforce automatically creates a standard report type using “with”, or “and” relationship.



    And These type of reports can not be deleted and used primarily for creating custom reports.


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    Advantages of generating reports in Salesforce

    Reports provide information about Accounts.
    Reports provide information about Contacts in Salesforce.
    Reports provide information about opportunities.
    Reports provide information about forecasts.
    Reports provide information about products and sales pipeline.
    we can get an organization’s lead information through reports.

    when creating custom or standard reports in Salesforce it is very easy to set up the report layouts. Report layouts can be done by drag and drop feature.

    A Standard Report presents what we believe is the most important data for any given domain, subdomain or URL in our index, including your own website or that of a competitor. The Standard Report has three main sections – an overview, a backlinks view, and an anchor text view.

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