Salesforce CRM Integration With External Systems

Salesforce integration is one of the most important aspects of Salesforce services. It allows businesses to keep their Salesforce environment up and running.

Integration Features that are Accessible at Each Level for An External App

User InterfaceIntegration of multiple apps in the Salesforce environment for more robust functionalities. These apps are – Facebook, WordPress, Gmail, LinkedIn, etc.

Business LogicIt requires Apex Web Services & Apex Callouts to execute the entire business process from start to finish.

Data IntegrationIt needs SOAP API to recover, update, and erase records. It also requires REST APIs with no coding hassle and easy synchronization.

Things To Consider Before You Go for Salesforce Integration

  • Plan on what information needs to move between two platforms
  • Document how frequently you need to move information between systems.
  • Check and review all the API limits associated.
  • Check the types of integration needed in real-time.

Different Ways to Integrate Salesforce with External Systems

  • Integrate Salesforce with Data Loader
  • Integrate Salesforce Using Database Integration Service
  • Integrate Salesforce Using APEX
    • Platform events
    • External objects
    • Aura Components
    • External Services
    • Apex


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