Whitelist IP Address in Salesforce

Whitelist IP Address in Salesforce

How to Whitelist IP Address in Salesforce!

Whitelisting basically ensures that the firewall will not block your browsers from loading the page.

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For security purposes, when you want to access the Salesforce instance from a different location or different computer/ mobile/ tablet, it requires a Verification Code that has been sent to the mobile number or email to the user.

To overcome the problem of the verification code, Salesforce provides a solution ie. Whitelisting the IP addresses. In Salesforce by Whitelisting your IP address, you will allow all the devices to log into the Salesforce org from that IP address if the proper username and passwords are used.

Here in Salesforce, they are providing us two smart features of Whitelisting the IP Ranges as per the company’s need:

  1. Globally Whitelisting IP ranges for the whole Salesforce Org irrespective of the profile
  2. Whitelisting IP Ranges for a particular profile so that users having that profile can easily access the Salesforce Org.

Now first We will see how to Whitelist the IP range for the whole Salesforce Org:

  1. Click on Setup within Salesforce
    1 Whitelist IP
  2. Enter the Security Control in Quick Find/Search Box and Click on Network Access
    2 Whitelist IP
  3. Create a New Trusted IP Range
    3 Whitelist IP
  4. Enter the Range, then Save and You are done!
    4 Whitelist IP


Secondly, Whitelist IP Ranges from Profile basis:

  1. Click on Setup within Salesforce
    5 Whitelist IP
  2. In-Home tab, Enter the Profile in Quick Find/Search Box and Click on Profiles
    6 Whitelist IP
  3. Click on your Desired Profile in which you want to add IP Range
    7 Whitelist IP
  4. In section Login, IP Ranges, Click on New Button
    8 Whitelist IP
  5. Enter the Range of IP, then Save and You are done!
    9 Whitelist IP

Enjoy working in your Salesforce Org from different IP's.

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