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Salesforce Einstein Vision | Enhancing Workflow with Image Processing

Artificial Intelligence is not just about data analytics and machine learning. AI has advanced into cognitive abilities in a big way that the only thing AI cannot do now is the smell, but the day may not be far off. But again, this blog is about another special sense of ours, vision. Vision is our primary source of identification and recognition, but as Sherlock Holmes said, “You see, but do not observe.” Well, that is where we Salesforce Einstein Vision comes in. Salesforce Einstein Vision specializes in cognitive learning ability, which enables it to recognize and classify images with the power of AI. It is a multifunctional tool that can assist a wide variety of work sectors with its smart eyes feature.

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Going beyond limits with Salesforce Einstein Vision

Einstein Vision has the potential to change the way we perceive objects and images forever. It leverages every inch of detail present in an image to bring out relevant business information like preferences, product quality, and inventory status. Departments like Sales, Marketing, and services can actively use these pieces of data to come up with new strategies and evaluate their campaign statuses. Salesforce Einstein Vision packs in a bunch lot of classifiers, some of which are pre-trained, and some can be custom trained according to the suitable needs. These classifiers help in recognizing images and give out redeemable information.

Einstein Vision can be broadly be integrated with any third-party application and CRM to utilize the data present in your systems to expedite without letting you dig deep into data Silos. It visualizes your information like never before and presents a real-life solution out of raw objects. For example, a Sales rep can quickly get the required details of an account by simply scanning the logo of the company and save the labor of finding needles in the haystack.

Salesforce Einstein Vision functions with the help of two different APIs:

Einstein Image Classification– It helps the developers in making the product classify between different groups of the objects. The classifiers are programmable and can act according to the business models.

Einstein Object Detection– This particular API has many practical uses across the development phase. Developers can make the tool count; recognize granular details and distinct objects by training them accordingly.

How is Salesforce Einstein Vision going to be of benefit?

Visual search- Einstein Vision has its brilliant classification property, which can be diversely used by customers to differentiate and identify between products in a grocery store or while doing online shopping.

Brand detection- It can help the marketers to understand the preferences of the customers by increasing brand visibility and reaching them out with different channels.

Product identification- This helps the support department to identify the product properly before escalating a technical fault to the next level of treatment and can tell the availability of the product with streamline inventory stocking.

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The cutting edge of Salesforce Einstein Vision:

Einstein Vision is a set of powerful APIs that redefines image recognition to fit into every productive shape and size. It makes it possible for the developers to forge better AI-powered Applications that serve the cause with faster response times. However, the primary goal of Salesforce Einstein Vision remains to be providing companies the deep insights into customer’s activities and ways to implement those with smart decision-making capabilities.

Reference: Demandblue

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