What Is The Need Of A Salesforce Consultant?

Choosing and implementing are two different things. Once you have decided that your organization will be using Salesforce as CRM platform, the immediate question that arises is who is going to implement or setup Salesforce in your organization.  Salesforce is a powerful tool and currently one of the best CRM platforms because of its ability to customize it through an open API. Salesforce can be easily integrated to nearly any system and it gives you the flexibility to build custom mobile apps easily. But all these flexibilities complicate the process of Salesforce implementation in the organization. Setting up sales force in your organization can be done in-house or with the help of Salesforce consultants. If you are choosing the first option then you need to analyze the criterion like technical capabilities, the experience of implementing Salesforce and post-implementation services. That's why it is recommended to seek the help of Salesforce consultant.

Several benefits of having a good Salesforce consultant:


Diversions: If you are planning to implement the Salesforce on your own, then you must understand whether your team will be able to handle extra pressure and devote extra time to this project or it will end up at the bottom of their to-do list. This will delay the implementation time of the project. Having a Salesforce consultant on board will provide a complete focus on the project with respect to time and budget without increasing any workload on your existing team.

Learning time: Implementing any new product or platform is associated with the learning curve. If you are using your in-house team for the implementation of Salesforce, they are not accustomed to the interface, their complexities, and challenges. Thus, they will consume more time and increase the project completion date. Whereas Salesforce consultants have already worked on several implementation software and they are well accustomed to it. Thus, they can work effectively and efficiently.

Planning time: As your team is new to the implementation of Salesforce, they will take the time to organize and map out a detailed implementation plan. That might be simple in case if you have a Project Management Officer (PMO) or if your group is knowledgeable about overseeing CRM implementation. If that is not the case then it is likely that they will overshoot the estimated project completion date. Experienced Salesforce consultants can easily understand your requirements and they have standard implementation blueprints which they can modify as per your requirement.

Setup time: Your team can eventually learn how to implement Salesforce in an organization but it very important to understand the stakes and pressure associated with it. Salesforce consultant with their vast experience can easily understand the requirements and the steps that need to be done to add custom fields, modify your user settings and configure security settings in such a way that each user can see what you want them to see efficiently within a short span of time.


Best practices: When utilizing an accomplished Salesforce Consultant for your execution, you are certain to get industry best practices for utilizing, testing, and customizing the platform. These prescribed procedures are learned from the experience of finishing several similar implementation projects and can put your organization on the correct way to completely optimize the system and what it has to offer. Your Salesforce counselling group is capable of providing you with tips and tricks without putting extra pressure on your team to learn the same with lots of hard work.

Constant support: If your organization brings the right Salesforce consultants onboard, they won't simply vanish after the execution of the project. Even if certain things like future training, support and issue resolution are not be canvassed in your underlying implementation contract, a genuine Salesforce Consulting accomplice will be there to help. Other than giving consistent support to your Salesforce framework, your consultants will be notifying you of future releases and changes to your Salesforce organization so you can remain up to date with new features

Return on investment:

 The findings say that “The State of Salesforce 2017”, where 77% of people were surveyed stated that their organization could be accomplishing more with their Salesforce investments. Thus, they feel that the Salesforce model is underutilized. In order to optimize the Salesforce environment, it is important to let a Salesforce consultant understand the business requirement and provide a solution for the same. Self-implementation of Salesforce tends to shift focus on merely getting the system up and running without understanding the consequences of the implementation plan and whether it matches the current business requirement and user adoption or not.

User adoption: To get a better return on investment, it is very important that the users are adopting this system with ease. To precisely comprehend regardless of whether your Salesforce users have been adopting the new platform, you will need to gauge their usage, information quality, and business execution. It is important to figure out whether they are logging in and contributing to the system by entering correct and complete data. Adequate training and understanding of the Salesforce platform can expand the user adoption rate. Utilizing a Salesforce Consultant for your implementation project can help you develop the tools and skills necessary to keep up user adoption rate.

Continuous return on investment: For several organizations, progressing ROI is an extensive factor in choosing whether or not a venture has been justified, despite all the trouble. To enable organizations to monitor their continuous Salesforce ROI, Salesforce has provided a CRM Benefit Calculator which is easily available.


In order to get the maximum out of Salesforce, its implementation plays a vital role. Salesforce consultant with their vast experience can easily understand the business requirement and provide a framework which can work suit our business environment. A Salesforce consultant is well equipped with all the procedures, tools and techniques required to successfully implement Salesforce in an organization. A good Salesforce consultant will implement Salesforce within stipulated time and budget along with good post-service support system. Considering ROI as the main parameter, a successful implementation and adoption of Salesforce can easily compensate for the cost of bringing a Salesforce consultant on board.

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