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What is Salesforce AppExchange - Everything You Need to Know

Working with Salesforce is like tackling new challenges and customizing your org for your requirements. Salesforce has plenty of standard functionalities that can manage the various and common requirements in the business world. Though having that much of standard functionalities yet there come the requirements which can be accomplished by the customizations. All of you might know that Salesforce offers the marketplace for Apps, Lightning components, Flows solutions that are used in Salesforce termed as AppExchange. Building a solution from scratch can be very difficult and time taking at the same point then why not finding the solutions in the AppExchange.

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What Actually AppExchange Is?

Working with Salesforce is easy as it provides security and functionality at its best. By the need of integrating any third-party apps in between, it is far better to find the solution in Salesforce AppExchange and there will be no compromise and issues for security or trust because Salesforce has it’s back. Appexchange is a community with Salesforce Partners that work hard to bring the solutions on top of Salesforce. They make the solutions available for the developers or administrators like us which uses these solutions and make our business process more efficient and working teams more productive.

What Comprises AppExchange?

It has broadly two kinds of listings - Solutions and Consultants.

  • A solution in simple words provides the extended core functionalities of Salesforce. A solution simply included in your org once it is installed and then you can enjoy your changed settings and extended version of Salesforce functionalities.
  • On the other hand, consultants can be understood as Salesforce professionals who build customized solutions for industries.  

Examples of solutions are lightning components, lightning bolts, flow solutions, apps, etc whereas examples of consultants can be understood as a consultant who builds the app for specifically for a mobile industry or for the marketing cloud industry.

Finding Your Solution in AppExchange

It is not always necessary that you know what exactly you are searching for or is there any solution available for your requirement or not. AppExchange consists of collections that basically categories the solutions under a name which makes it easy for a beginner to find solutions. It is not necessary that you will find the same versions always available in the AppExchange as new versions might take over to be informed and connected with the version release you can simply sign up to the AppExchange newsletter to get the latest update in your inbox. 

Pricing in AppExchange

One may consider the budget before getting a new solution, surprisingly there are many apps in the AppExchange which are absolutely free to download and use which means fits your pocket without touching a penny from your wallet. But yes we cannot deny the fact that there are apps from other big businesses that are prominently providing solutions in the AppExchange and making money. The apps are free for trial purposes which helps you to use and understand whether your requirement is fulfilled with the app or not.

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Finding solutions in AppExchange helps you to find your solution according to your requirements and it makes your team productive at work. Before heading to find solutions directly to the AppExchange and wasting time on just surfing over there, it will be always better to first understand your requirement and before depending on the solutions present over there you can build your customization on your own too.


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