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Top 10 Salesforce Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021

Whether you’re a novice Salesforce user or someone with years of experience using its CRM features, there’s always more that you can learn about it. Salesforce is a service in continuous development, which is why following Salesforce-centric podcasts is a great way to keep up with its feature list. Let’s take a closer look at some top choices available to you in 2021 and talk about why you should follow them.

  • Salesforce Developers Podcast

The great thing about Salesforce is just how friendly and communicative its development team is. Situated in San Francisco, US, the Salesforce Developers Podcast is hosted 3 times a week by its development staff. The podcast covers different topics related to actual coding and development of Salesforce, brainstorming of new features, and stories of how Salesforce came to be. While the podcast doesn’t delve deep into sales techniques and practical advice for Salesforce users, it’s nevertheless a wonderful behind-the-scenes insight.

  • Wizard Cast

While its name may not allude to Salesforce directly, this podcast is hosted by Brian Kwong and Mark Ross, who are Salesforce experts. Wizard Cast is a playful take on Salesforce and aims to communicate complex sales techniques, features, and advice funnily. Its hosts work wonders with their in-depth knowledge of Salesforce and can effectively communicate advanced Salesforce knowledge in a digestible manner. Wizard Cast is one of the oldest and most popular sources of Salesforce news, and its podcast and blog should be on your radar.


  • Salesforce Admins Podcast

In a similar vein as the Salesforce Developers Podcast, this pod is hosted by a team of professional Salesforce administrators looking to share their knowledge. Contrary to its development-centric counterpart, this podcast is focused solely on business development and Salesforce feature implementation with insight from various successful entrepreneurs. With 2 episodes a week, it is very active and up-to-date with the latest trends and happenings on the Salesforce scene. This makes it a great choice for anyone remotely interested in Salesforce.


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  • Transcending CRM Podcast

With a strong focus on financial management combined with Salesforce insight, this podcast is a worthwhile investment for eCommerce business owners. It covers the success stories of entrepreneurs, startup owners, and eCommerce administrators with a heavy emphasis on the financial service aspect of managing a Salesforce-powered business

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  • Forcepreneur

If you are an entrepreneur or small-business owner and want to learn how to use Salesforce effectively in your company, look no further than Forcepreneur. This podcast is focused in equal parts on Salesforce features as well as your professional development as an entrepreneur. It provides a plethora of information on how to set objective goals, manage your revenue, and keep your customers happy via Salesforce. Forcepreneur comes in both podcast and blog forms, so you can jump into it in whichever format suits you.


  • Tech-ology Podcast

This podcast, hosted by a Salesforce developer Joshua Cruz, is focused heavily on Salesforce development and how you can build a career in the field. The podcast features rich information on Salesforce and web development and how you should approach building your resume and portfolio to impress would-be employers. While the podcast is published quarterly, with new episodes every 2-3 months, it is still of great value for anyone interested in back-end Salesforce development. Make sure to check it out if you are a programmer or a web developer yourself.


  • Salesforce Posse Podcast

The Salesforce Posse Podcast takes a different approach to publish its content compared to others on our list. Hosts Francis Pindar and Anup Jadhav focus on creating evergreen content for Salesforce developers, administrators, and consultants rather than cover new topics every week. This makes Salesforce Posse an amazing resource to keep in mind, especially if you are not sure how you want to use Salesforce just yet. Its episodes cover numerous topics ranging from basic features to integrations and practical tips to keep in mind using Salesforce.


  • Good Day, Sir! Show, a Salesforce Podcast

Hosted by a pair of software engineers, this podcast is an amazing gateway into not only Salesforce development but software engineering as a whole. Hosts Jeremy Ross and John De Santiago develop custom software solutions for Salesforce themselves and then talk about their findings on the podcast. Its goal is to make Salesforce development approachable and understandable by both casual Salesforce followers and hardcore developers alike. With 2 episodes a month, the Good Day, Sir! podcast is a great listen with entertaining hosts, casual industry commentary, and a laid-back atmosphere.


  • Ad Victoriam Salesforce Simplified

Unique to our list is Ad Victoriam, a Salesforce podcast hosted by a company of the same name which is partnered with Salesforce. Ad Victoriam offers consulting services for businesses with Salesforce, and they’ve decided to host a podcast in which they discuss pressing Salesforce topics. This is an advanced podcast for Salesforce veterans looking for in-depth insight into Salesforce data management, development, and CRM. With its plethora of guest speakers and topics, Ad Victoriam may go over casual users’ heads, but it is a very high-quality Salesforce podcast.


  • Talent Hub Talk Podcast

Hosted in Sydney, Australia, the Talent Hub Talk Podcast is an all-in-one resource that anyone interested in Salesforce can jump into. The podcast covers a vast library of topics related to Salesforce, from real-life stories of admins and developers to tips and tricks you can use. You can also get in touch with the podcast personally, ask questions and have them answered in the following episodes, making this a great resource. This is an almost daily podcast, and you can rest assured that it will answer any questions you may have about Salesforce eventually.


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Making Good Use of Salesforce Podcasts (Conclusion)

While all the podcasts we’ve touched on are at the top of their game, not each will suit your personal expectations. Make sure to give a few of them a listen in your spare time and see which ones are worth sticking around with. Once you tune into a Salesforce podcast whose hosts you enjoy listening to and can learn from easily, following it regularly will become second nature.

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