Steps to Connect Pardot to Salesforce

Steps to Connect Pardot to Salesforce

Steps to Integrate salesforce and pardot:

There are some steps to install pardot in salesforce

1- Click on this link (sandbox)

2- After sucessfully installation pardot in salesforce —>

3- Click on setup —-> Search users in Quick find Search box—> Go to the users—>

4- Select the connector user—–>

5- Go to permission Set Assignments —>

6- Click on Edit Assignments —> Assign the permission of pardot (connected user)

7- Click on Save button

Map Pardot custom Lead Fields to contact Fields—————

1- Go to lead fields in salesforce —> click on Map lead fields ——>

2- Same for Contact Fields

Note – Do not map the Pardot URL lead field and Pardot URL contact field

Show Pardot Data in Salesforce – To show a pardot Data in salesforce we need to add to custom sections in contact and lead page layout in salesforce .

1- Add a new section in lead page layout and drag all the pardot Fields

2- Add a new section in contact page layout and drag All the pardot Fields

Add to custom button in lead page layout and contact page layout —-

click on lead page layout —> click on Edit page layout —->

Drag the two buttons Named as(enable in classic mode) —

1- Send to Pardot2- Send Pardot Email

Note – To add the buttons to Lightning Experience, drag them to the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section.

Create the Add to Pardot List Button

a- click on setup –> search on buttons —> go to the Campaign object—>b- click on New Button or Linkc- Name of label “Add to Pardot List”d- Display type select the Detail Page Buttone- select Display in existing window with sidebar f- Select the URL and paste the URL –

URL = ”{!Campaign.Id}/campaignName/ {!URLENCODE(Campaign.Name)}/leadCount/{!Campaign.NumberOfLeads} /contactCount/{!Campaign.NumberOfContacts}?sessionid={!$Api.Session_ID}&serverurl={!$Api.Partner_Server_URL_90}”

g- save the button and add this button to Campaign page layout

In Pardot —-

1- Login in pardot —> click on Admin —–>

2- click on connectors — click on Add connector —-> choose salesforce —>

3- enter the salesforce user Name and password —>

4- verfied this connector .

4- click on save button .


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