Salesforce Hacks

Salesforce Hacks for a Successful Admin/Developer

 1.) Salesforce Merge more than 3 Accounts at Once.

With the Merge Accounts page provided by official SFDC selection screen, a user can only Merge at most of 3 Accounts.

But with the concept of URL Hacking we can Merge more than 3 Accounts at once.


To the end of above Merge Accounts url -

append the following :

parameter -


Account Record ID's (All the Account Record ID's that you want to Merge -





Something like this :

Just Paste this URL to your Browser and Press Enter.Select your Criteria and Press Merge.

Boom it is Done 31163A0400000578-3442108-image-a-27_1455189872679

2.) Duplicacy Check for Standard Objects (Accounts , Contacts etc.



Most of us know that you can avoid duplicacy on fields by making it Unique.


Screenshot from 2017-03-14 15:20:49

But what if you need to implement this to check Duplicacy for Standard fields (Account Name , Contact Name etc.) which can't be made unique. suspecting-emoticon-design-30573285

Don't worry we have the solution for it.Let's say we need to check Account Duplicacy based on Account Name.For that :

(i) Go to Account Fields.

(ii) Create a Text type field(with Unique checked) and do't display it on the Page Layout.

(iii) Now Create a Workflow rule that does Field update on this new Text field from the Account Name.

(iv) Boom you're Done with it.Don't know How?...Just think about it.emoji1

3.) Update a Field in all Childs Based on a Field change of their Parent.

Let us consider a Case i.e When an opportunity closes(either Closed Won/Lost), automatically close all activities related to that opportunity.

Some people will do this with the Help of a Trigger.But this is Possible with Process Builder and we all know that we should always prefer Point and Click Approach before writing Codes.

(i) Open Process Builder.

(ii) Create New Process and in "The process starts when " select 'A record Changes '.

(iii) Add Opportunity as Object (when a record is created or edited) .

(iv) Add criteria : Opportunity Stage equals "Closed Won" and Save it.

Screenshot from 2017-03-14 16:04:10

(v) Add immediate action (Update Records) .On Popup "Select a record related to the Opportunity".

(vi) Add Criteria : Task status equals "Completed" and Save it.

Screenshot from 2017-03-14 16:10:32

(vii) Now Activate the Process Builder and you're done with it.




  1. Why wouldn't you use duplicate management for "Duplicacy Check for Standard Objects (Accounts , Contacts etc. "? You can then control who get blocked from getting duplicates and who can allow duplicates to be created, also record who is creating duplicates etc as well as allowing to see specific details on the other records to see if they are duplicate or not. Also you can enforce sharing rules if you want... Or not.

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