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Salesforce Lightning Dialer | Boost Sales productivity by making hassle-free calls

In spite of the rapid and continuous advancement in the realms of communication with new platforms and new channels mushrooming all around us, telephones still remain the most effective and affordable means of communication. Phone calls remain the preferred and dependable communication channel for the Sales to engage customers in the most convenient and personalized manner possible. Today, 92% of customer interaction takes place over phone calls, which makes calling the primary method of selling for every business. However, 3 major irritants or challenges for the sales rep would be the need to repeatedly punch numbers for every call, the need to create activity logs for each call, and the low connect ratios. Salesforce has stepped up and neatly addressed all these 3 challenges with its Salesforce Lightning Dialer to enhance calling experience for your Sales Reps, and help them attend each call with unmatched confidence.

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Connect Calls faster with Salesforce Lightning Dialer

Salesforce Lightning Dialer is an automated Calling Assistant that helps your Sales and Service reps at every step of customer engagement. Lightning Dialer is loaded with a list of leads and contacts that automatically starts dialing once the user clicks the Phone Number. Together with Lightning Experience, Salesforce Lightning Dialer is able to outdo the best of competition with clickable links and contacts. It autonomously starts logging and recording the minutes of calls to break your reps free from the shackles of unproductivity.

Salesforce Lightning Dialer provides a dedicated repository to store the caller history and multiple prerecorded voice messages that help your Sales Reps to connect with different sets of customers. This approach also equips your reps with the ability to engage with different language speakers by dropping prerecorded voicemails. On top of these advantages, Salesforce Lightning Dialer also helps Sales managers to monitor and mentor the reps with recorded conversations to improve quality.

Five unparalleled advantages of Salesforce Lightning Dialer:

1. Multi-tasking:  Salesforce Lightning Dialer lets your Reps multi-task, all while speaking to your customers and take notes, bundle products, and finalize details.

2. Boost connect and Receive inbound calls: Lightning Dialer also allows your customer service reps to receive Inbound calls at only a little extra cost. And, on top of that, it helps the reps connect via the most effective local number code to boost the connect ratio.

3. Click and talk:  Salesforce Lightning Dialer lets your reps dial lead and contacts just by simply clicking the contact number.

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4. Automatic activity log:  It automates the caller activity logging process, which ultimately gives your rep more time to perform those activities rather than logging them.

5. Apart from logging calls, dialing numbers, and sending prerecorded voice mails, Salesforce Lightning Dialer helps track and monitor each call with its call recording feature.

Communicate better with Salesforce Lightning Dialer

Salesforce Lightning Dialer is a simple and effective tool that adds significant value to your calling process, be it either Sales or Service.  It liberates your reps from repetitive and time-consuming tasks like dialing and logging so that they can focus on what they do best, sell, and service.

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