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Salesforce Essentials: What Is It and Why You Need It

Every industry needs software that established a continuous connection with the clients. This is the reason why Salesforce is emerging as a leader in the CRM market. The continuous demand of Salesforce professionals having a Salesforce certificate has been skyrocketing. 

This is the reason, why this article will enlighten you about some of the major benefits of Salesforce essentials, that will compel you to get a Salesforce certification. People who have Salesforce Certification has average salary 3x time more than any other individual.  So, without further delay, let's dive in and discuss the importance of Salesforce essentials.

Importance of Salesforce Essentials

1. Salesforce is For Everyone

Remember that Salesforce started its carer growth by serving small scale industries. In addition, small business owners need software that would accelerate their productivity, provided it comes at an affordable cost. Salesforce analyses the business needs of a small business owner and offers product offerings based on that.

2. Easy learning

Nothing beats trailhead when it comes to learning Salesforce essentials. Trailhead is a platform where you can learn Salesforce essentials effectively. The learning is coupled with graphics and videos so that you never feel bored when a lesson is being taught. 

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3. Easy to work

The learning curve of Salesforce Essentials is very basic. There are no jargons involved. This is the reason, why serial entrepreneurs are having no problem in understanding their business market and pitch it to their potential investors. 

Highlighting Features of Salesforce Essentials

1. Enhanced Customer Service

Earlier the customers suffered a lot of response time since the company did not have any kind of software that would manage customer support seamlessly. With the introduction of Salesforce essentials, everything changed. 

Now the with Salesforce essentials, an expert is assigned to every problem. For instance, if a customer has problem in the technical area, a technical expertise will be assigned.  Similarly, if the customer was known more about a product a product specialist will be assigned to him. 

2. Makes Business Scalable

With the help of Salesforce essentials, the platform becomes scalable.  Now small business owners don’t have to find a new CRM system to fix a problem, but the existing system can be upgraded with ease. 

It integrates business data with ease and hence business owners would always take decisions based on data and not make any decision based on assumption. 

3. Excellent Activity Tracking

More and more companies are looking for people with Salesforce certification. This is because they can perform excellent activity tracking. A Salesforce professional will inform the customer continuously.  

The customer will know each and every detail of the project. The Salesforce will also tell the customer about updates like finance, accounting, and deployment of the project 

4. Reporting

Salesforce training Hyderabad is known for its excellent reporting skills. This shows, that people who take coaching from this institution are able to deliver precise business reports. The institute teaches you to make use of the Salesforce dashboard so that reporting is accurate. 

5. Faster Apps

Salesforce essentials come with a Salesforce lightning feature that builds an application at an alarming rate. Earlier with Salesforce classic, application building took three or four months. With, the introduction of Salesforce lighting applications can be built within a few minutes. 

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6. AppExchange

Salesforce training Hyderabad teaches you how to perform application exchange in the Salesforce Platform.  The skilled professionals of this institution will teach you how to integrate a third-party app with Salesforce. AppExchange comes as one of the most loved features of Salesforce essentials.

Bottom line!

Make sure that you have read all the points that Salesforce essential can deliver. If you are looking for a platform that can teach you Salesforce essentials then Salesforce training Hyderabad is your destination.  


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