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Understanding Objects In Salesforce - All You Need To Know

It Takes 2 Weeks To Understand Objects in .Net and Java, But In Salesforce It Takes 2 min. Here Is How!

In Salesforce, objects are divided into two categories, one is known as a standard object and the other is known as a custom object. Standard objects are objects that the Salesforce creates by default and custom objects are something that Salesforce professional design, according to the requirements of the customer.  Let me make you understand what is an object in Salesforce with the help of a simple example.

Look at the excel sheet below and have a visual concept in mind.  Here the tab can be considered as the object.  Rows of the sheet can be considered as record and the Column head can be considered as field.  So, from the excel sheet, it is proved that the Salesforce object is an accumulation of fields.

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An example of a Salesforce object by author

From the above image, it is clearly seen that the e-commerce tab is considered as Salesforce object.  The rows are considered as record and finally, the column head like status, price range, and the item is considered as field.

Now let’s discuss what does Salesforce means by the custom object and standard object. So that you may have a clear understanding. Customer details like the customer's contact, name, the address are created by default in Salesforce hence can be termed as a standard object. Similarly, when you want to store an important business need of the customer it called the custom object.

Example: Let’s say a business owner wants to open an e-commerce website. Now for an e-commerce website to operate successfully, you need an application that would store customer transaction details seamlessly like the card number and their mode of payment like through credit card, debit card, or through direct bank transfer.  So, a Salesforce professional needs to build a custom object to store this information. Now the field of the custom object would have the customer's card number, username, purchase history, wallet balance, and mode of payment.

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Bottom line!

People telling you that Salesforce is very tough to understand and its rocket science,  it's not. Trust me. I am an aeronautical engineer, and I know what rocket science looks like. Salesforce is a magic in the field of technology that is very user friendly. If it did not have an easy learning curve, it would not have been popular in various sectors of the market. If you like my digital piece comment your responses below.

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