Salesforce Code Builder is Officially Released

Salesforce Code Builder has been officially released and is now generally available, offering a new web-based integrated development environment (IDE) that seamlessly incorporates open, modern, and adaptable development tools. This platform empowers developers, administrators, and architects to enhance efficiency and foster creativity through the utilization of the latest Salesforce technology.

Noteworthy features include developer extensions such as Einstein, which employs generative AI to convert natural language into code, as well as other extensions available in the Open VSX marketplace, enabling users to swiftly configure their CRM directly from a web browser.

In today's announcement, Salesforce Code Builder is Generally Available. In this article, I will elucidate the nature of Code Builder, its functionalities, the installation process, and the distinctions between the beta and general availability versions.

What is Code Builder?

Salesforce Code Builder is a web-based development tool for improving coding for the Salesforce platform. It's similar to an interest-based version of Microsoft's Visual Studio Coke, making it simple to use for individuals who are already familiar with VS code. 

It's a new development toolkit that's open and customizable, and it's incorporated into a new web-based environment (IDE). This means that by having access to the most recent Salesforce development tools, developers, administrators, and architects may increase their productivity and inventiveness. 

Salesforce Code Builder

It also involves artificial intelligence (AI) that can convert natural language into code, and developer extensions are accessible on the Open VSX marketplace, allowing you to effortlessly customize your CRM right from your web browser.

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Know More About Salesforce Code Builder

Initiate Salesforce Customization Directly from the Browser in a Few Clicks: Utilize a web-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) equipped with preloaded Salesforce extensions, Command Line Interface (CLI), programming languages, and frameworks (including Lightning web components, Apex, SOQL queries, and more). These features eliminate the need for installation, configuration, or updates.

Speed Up Development Using Generative AI: Enhance coding speed and efficiency as developers leverage generative AI with Einstein. This functionality enables the generation, testing, debugging, and refactoring of frameworks and is accessible through a separate extension.

Build with Adaptability and Familiarity: Expand the capabilities of Code Builder by integrating third-party extensions from the open VSX marketplace. This community-driven, open platform facilitates the publishing and consumption of VS Code extensions, allowing developers to create a feature-rich IDE experience that supports DevOps workflows and source-driven development.

Einstein for Developers

Introduced in beta for VS Code during Dreamforce in September, Einstein for developers stands out as a generative AI coding tool designed specifically for coding languages exclusive to Salesforce. Developed with CodeGen, Salesforce's open-source Large Language Model (LLM), it transforms straightforward English prompts into executable code.

Exciting news for Code Builder users – Einstein for Developers is now available for both Code Builder and VS Code! Easily integrate it into your workspace by installing it directly from the extensions menu within Code Builder.

Salesforce Perspective 

Code Builder boosts developer efficiency by making a standardized tools experience accessible to all Trailblazers, empowering anyone to create on the platform. Administrators can swiftly initiate their journey with a preconfigured experience that includes essential Salesforce tools. In contrast, seasoned developers can expedite their workflow using a fully-featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) personalized with preferred extensions from the Open VSX marketplace, all conveniently accessed through their browser.

Required Editions 

Code Builder is accessible across all Salesforce editions, encompassing Enterprise, Performance, Professional, and Unlimited Editions.

Notably, it is not accessible within the EU Operating Zone, a specialized paid service catering to data residence requirements. Nevertheless, Code Builder is supported in European Union enterprises that fall outside the purview of the EU Operating Zone, adhering to standard product terms and conditions.


  • Salesforce Code Builder is now accessible to all customers, with no additional cost for those utilizing Salesforce Professional Editions and higher.
  • Einstein for Developers is currently in an open beta phase.

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Final Words

To conclude this article, here is a comprehensive overview of Salesforce Code Builder. We've delved into upcoming features, outlined its benefits, discussed its applications, and covered various other aspects.

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