Salesforce Announced Life Science Cloud | Briefly Explained

Salesforce Life Science Cloud is a trusted secure platform for pharmaceutical (pharma) and medical technology (MedTech) organizations to help them accelerate drug and device development, enlist and retain patience throughout the clinical trial journey, and leverage AI to provide a personalized customer experience. 

In this informative write-up, we discuss the new Salesforce Life Science Cloud, why it is important, and how it is beneficial for the Pharmaceutical industry and MedTech. Let’s get straight to the point “Why it is important”.

Why It’s Necessary?

To improve R&D initiatives and clinical trials, the science industry relies on accurate, accessible data. However, the industry lags far behind in terms of implementing digital solutions that would boost efficiency and accuracy, with 88% of healthcare and life science firms having yet to achieve their digital transformation targets.   

Salesforce life science cloud

Benefits of Life Science Cloud 

Commercial Operations: GA now assists in managing the commercial lifecycle by providing immediate information on contract compliance, pricing, inventory levels, and more. AI-powered bots, for example, can notify field representatives when an item is unavailable for an impending operation or provide account forecasting analytics to help reps better determine where and what to sell.

Health Intelligence: It is a predictive analytics solution powered by Tableau that gives insights to support educated business decisions. Now, the MedTech sales staff has recommended rebates, bundles, or discounted pricing, assisting customers in identifying new goods to add to their existing portfolio.  

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Medical Sales Emails: Uses generative AI to generate personalized, secure communications informing stakeholders like hospitals or clinics about new gadget availability, or to follow up on a sales visit with a physician.  

Clinical Operations: Helps life science organizations set up and execute efficient trials, both traditional and decentralized, to support better participants, clinical sites, studies, and sponsors. 

Data Cloud for Health:  GA now securely links and activates patient data from many sources into a uniform, real-time profile. This helps pharmaceutical and medical technology businesses to assist in identifying potential patient or research concerns, such as adherence to therapy in clinical studies. Furthermore, Data Cloud for Health can construct segments from that data, such as groups that would be appropriate for a new clinical study or care program. 

Salesforce introduced Life science cloud

Chain of Custody Management: Allows pharmaceutical businesses to keep a clear, traceable digital record of events for precision medicine, as well as validate records using e-signature (GA Feb 2024) in accordance with US Food and Drug Administration requirements. Promoting patient safety and complaint record-keeping can serve to promote patient safety and complaint record-keeping. 

Participant Management:(June 2024, General Assembly) With auto-matching and personalized portals, will quickly onboard randomized trial participants. This allows for faster recruitment, education, and engagement of participants, which speeds up clinical studies and may assist in minimizing attrition rates. 

Pharma CRM: is a platform allowing pharma businesses to interact with stakeholders through tailored letters and medical, legal, and regulatory-approved digital information, as well as to expedite dosage requests across many channels. 

Healthcare Professionals (HCP) Engagement:  (GA October 2025) will employ AI to learn from engagement data, claims, and research findings, paired with offline capabilities, to support hybrid HCP experiences. Pharma organizations will be able to deliver the proper prescriptions to the right people and ensure the greater availability of their medications with a 360-degree picture of HCPs.

Einstein for Life Science: (GA immediately) will automate manual operations such as targeted email outreach. Liaisons may swiftly discover appropriate papers and repurpose successful former cases into useful resources with Knowledge Article Generation and service Replies to fulfill medical affairs requests within agreed-upon deadlines.

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  • Commercial Operations capabilities such as Health Intelligence and Medical Sales Emails are now widely available.
  • Clinical Operations components such as Chain of Custody and Data Cloud for Health are now widely available. Beginning in early 2024, Advanced Therapy e-signatures and Participant Management will be available.
  • Today, service responses and sales emails are widely available. Knowledge Articles are now in beta testing and will be released in early 2024.

Final Verdicts

In conclusion, we have comprehensively delved into the latest Salesforce update, providing you with a thorough overview of its key features and enhancements. Follow for more upcoming updates and information about Salesforce. Thank you!  

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