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Salesforce changed the way people perceived business software when it launched in 1999. Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, imagined making software easier to buy, use and distribute without the hassles of installation, maintenance, and endless updates. Their mascot SaaS was developed shortly after the logo NO SOFTWARE was created. Customers were brought together and supported by SaaS. Salesforce’s family had expanded along with the business.

The Trailhead characters embrace the company’s lighter side and encourage Ohana to forge new paths. Every character has a role to play and a distinct aim to achieve. Learn a bit more about them in this blog.

Astro: Your guide to Salesforce

Favorite Badge: Where’s Astro (Archived)

A super friendly Salesforce guide who will help you become the best possible at everything you would want to do. They are engaging, encouraging, and warm, always pushing the Salesforce community to try new things. They enjoy traveling, making new friends and are always up for an adventure on the trail because they are curious and eager to learn.

Salesforce Einstein

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Einstein: Resident genius and future seeker

Favorite Badge: Artificial intelligence basics

Meet everyone’s data scientist, Einstein. He’s a problem solver that can assist you in learning more about your clients. It is no wonder that he enjoys learning new stuff and constantly building on his existing knowledge given his analytical bent which also helps him predict the future. He’s a brilliant and selfless man who is always willing to assist you in becoming more intelligent and creative.


Codey: Inspiring builders and makers everywhere

Favorite Badge: Catter (Archived)

Codey is hard to miss. He’s the bear who takes on tasks and gets his hands dirty while having a good time. He is a builder and a developer. He is not afraid to stand out or dive deep into getting stuff done whether it's coding an app on Salesforce or pouring lattes as a “Bearista”. Though he is brave in the face of obstacles and encourages you to be fearless as well; he is not a vicious bear who enjoys giving bear hugs!


Appy: Your guide to the Partner Ecosystem

Favorite Badge: Salesforce Ecosystem

Everyone wishes they could have Appy as a reference. She leads the way in the AppExchange environment to overcome the business issues because she knows a great deal about Salesforce. Besides, she is a connector too. If she does not know the solution, she taps through her vast network to link you with the right people who can help solve even the complex problem. She will always remind you that no challenge is too big with her by your side!


Cloudy: keeping everyone together and on track

Favorite Badge: Lighting Flow

Cloudy is a tech-savvy and intelligent software developer who uses the cloud to create creative applications. She is still in the middle of everything as her name suggests. Her steadfastness and confidence are only surpassed by her extensive knowledge of all things cloud-related. She brings the best out of people and helps them to achieve their full potential.

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Ruth: The Architect

Ruth is a Certified Technical Architect who creates systems and solutions that support the whole company. Ruth stands for,

R: Responsible (takes ownership)

U: Universal (is global-minded)

T: Technical (has an agile mindset)

H: is for Humble (cares about sharing knowledge with the rest of the community)

Elephants and Architects have a lot of things in common. As a result, an elephant would be the ideal Architect Community guide.

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