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How Salesforce Can Drive Consumer Engagement?

With the rise in popularity of digital ecosystems, communication channels have drastically evolved, and along with it, customer expectations have significantly changed as well. This resulted in a shift in the way businesses drive customer engagement, which includes email, websites, social media marketing, and others.

To keep up with the changes, businesses turn to Salesforce-managed services and support to maintain flawless communication and collaboration at all times. Salesforce is a platform and an important tool that businesses have continued to use for many years. Here’s what the platform can do to retain customers and drive consumer engagement effectively.

consumer engagement

Get all your data in one place by integrating support apps

There was a time when marketing and sales teams both worked off their own data only to find many discrepancies between the different data sources. Now, because of Salesforce and its ability to integrate other support apps, you have the option to put all your data in one place and keep it flowing to and from different teams.

Let’s say your sales team is already using Salesforce. However, your marketing team uses Hubspot Marketing, and your customer service team utilizes Zendesk. By integrating those two platforms into Salesforce, you effectively create a transparent data funnel through which your marketing, sales, and customer service have a 360-degree view of all the data on your customers.

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These integrations with customer service and support apps streamline the entire customer communication process. It eliminates the need to manually transfer data from one app to another, saving you time, money, and effort.

Maximize the use of customer data and personalize your response

Gathering data about your customers is all part of your sales and marketing processes. The question is, what are you doing about all that information? If you’ve managed to integrate your Salesforce with other apps, your central access to all the data will allow you to take control of your relationships with your customers.

You can personalize your emails to each customer and provide a response tailored to their needs and preferences. Your Salesforce data is essentially a gold mine you can take advantage of to make the perfect customer engagement experience you can think of.

customer data

Use social media to reach your customers

Social media is one of the most effective communication channels you can use to address your customers directly and engage with them. But what role do cloud-managed services like Salesforce play in driving customer engagement through social media?

Since Salesforce can act as your all-in-one tool containing every piece of information on your customers, it can even help you view your customers’ social media profiles via its own dashboard. This can be of great help if you want to add a personal touch to your conversations with your customers. View their social media profiles and use whatever information you have about them to craft a clever and personalized response that will keep them engaged.

Generally, people like companies who respond earnestly and sincerely to their concerns, especially if you appeal to something you know they need or are interested in.

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Those are just three of the most effective ways you can utilize Salesforce as an effective tool for customer engagement. Salesforce isn’t just about automation and making your process more streamlined. It’s a repository of valuable information that you must take advantage of to build solid and lasting relationships with your customers, keeping them engaged and loyal to your brand.

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