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How To Set Up Your Company in Salesforce

Use the corporate Information page in Setup to trace what’s important about your company’s organization in Salesforce. you'll also manage your licenses and entitlements. This page contains the data that was provided when our company signed up with Salesforce.

In our sandbox org, we will utilize this page to match provisioned licenses in production org with our sandbox organization. This matching process will update our sandbox org with licenses from production org and deletes any licenses in sandbox org that are not in production org.

Manage Information About Your Company

The Company Information page shows all the important information about your company (listed here in alphabetical order). The page also includes the user and have licenses purchased for your organization.

Allow the desired Domains

To enable your users to access Salesforce, you need to add the quality Salesforce domains to your list of allowed domains.

Web Request Limits 

Limits for concurrent usage on web requests.

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Customize the program

Give your users the simplest working experience you'll be able to by putting in the interface to fulfill their needs. 

Create the Lightning Experience Home Page

We are here to give our users everything which he has to manage his day from the home page in Lightning Experience. Our sales representative can also see his quarterly performance summary & acquire necessary updates on critical tasks & opportunities. We will also customize this page for a number of forms of users and assign custom pages to different apps & app-and-profile combinations. 

Customize Record Page Settings

Customize the experience users have when working with records in Lightning Experience.

Select Your Language, Locale, and Currency.

The Salesforce settings for language, locale, time zone, and currency can affect how objects, like Accounts, Leads, or Opportunities, are displayed. 

Define Your financial year

Specify a yr that matches your business needs.

Turn Einstein Features On or Off.

Access to some Einstein features is subject to usage limitations and your acceptance of additional terms. See the subsequent help topics for instructions on turning these Einstein features on and off.

Set Up Search

Now we discover which objects and fields are searchable. Then Customize search settings and search result filters, also lookup search. Learn the way to boost the search experience for the users.

Avail Maps and placement Services.

Customize Reports and Dashboards

Set up reports and dashboards to deliver information to your users within the ways in which work best for them.

Response for Critical Updates

Salesforce time to time releases updates to improve the performance, logic, and usefulness of Salesforce for users, but it also affects our existing customizations. Whenever these updates are available, Salesforce starts listing them in Setup at Critical Updates & provides a message to display when administrators move to Setup.

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Keep Up with Security Alerts

Salesforce time to time releases security updates that improve data security, but it may also affect our existing customizations. When these updates become available, Salesforce lists them in Setup at Security Alerts and displays a persistent message at the highest of the org for admins. As of Summer ‘20, you'll also see your alerts within the Release Updates in Setup.

Arrangement of Data with Partition

Partitions allow us to segment our org’s data into logical sections,  for making searches, reports, and list views more meaningful & useful to our users. Divisions are also useful for orgs with extremely large amounts of knowledge.

Salesforce Upgrades and Maintenance

Salesforce reserves up to 5 minutes of service interruption for major upgrades, but you've got access to your data during other maintenance events, like splits and migrations.

Permissions for UI Elements, Records, and Fields

To access UI elements, records or fields in Salesforce requires specific permissions. At a minimum, you need to have the “Read” permission to look at a tab, record, record field, related list, button, or link. To edit a record or record field, you want to have the “Edit” permission. 

Deactivate an Org

When an org has outlived its usefulness and it’s time to maneuver on, you'll be able to deactivate it or allow it to expire. 

How Do I Discontinue Service?

If the service doesn’t meet your needs, you must cancel it.

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