Time for Your Salesforce Checkup

When was the last time you had the annual checkup? What about a Salesforce Checkup? Maybe it has been a few years since your company has implemented Salesforce. You like some aspects of Salesforce but wish you could make some changes to the initial configuration, such as revamping Opportunity Stages. Adoption has been a mixed bag, and especially for new users, a training session is overdue, but you are so busy doing day to day work and you do not have resources to hire another person. There are a lot of new ideas you have for Salesforce, things like custom profile and fine-tuning security, but also no time for you to learn how to make those changes yourself. You want to automate more and spend less time on data entry, but you do not know how to design automation yourself. You wish you could do more with reports, but it is not easy to learn how to make it better. And lastly, what is this thing called Lightning?

Sound familiar? These are valid questions to have as your business grows and changes. Now, you can be your own Google doctor and try to learn everything yourself. Or, you can choose to get a checkup from a professional. That is why KeyNode Solutions consultants put together a simple Salesforce Implementation Assessment for you. Coming from our experience helping our own clients, we have put together an interactive assessment based on best practices for success. These 10 questions are designed to touch on areas such as security, training, reporting, etc. At the end of the assessment, you will receive a grade and we will email you the results – click here to start.

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What are the types of tweaks/improvements we can bring to your org? Even the simplest improvements such as changing the lightning page configurations can tremendously improve your data visibility. But there are also more complex designs we have created for our clients as mentioned below.

Taking the Support Process to Salesforce Service Cloud

One of our clients wanted to take their support process from paper to Salesforce. As a side note, they are grateful that they migrated from the paper before COVID-19 arrived and now everyone is working from home – it would have been very difficult to collaborate on a paper-based solution from different locations.

Our consultants took the PDF file they were using, with different steps/fields that are involved, and configured their Case object so they can bring the entire process to Salesforce. Now their service agents and support teams have 360° view of their clients and interaction history, so at any time agent knows what client has purchased and what their interaction with the company was, which helps agent understand what the clients are contacting them about, but at a more comprehensive level. Specific requirements, such as gating the status so you cannot backstep in a process, is seamlessly enforced through Validation Rules. Automations fire notifications and emails whenever there are high alert cases or there are delays in the process. Now, nothing falls through the cracks, and there is no need for manual tracking.

Package Sales in Salesforce

Recording and reporting on revenue are some of the most important aspects of your business. Yet one of our clients were not able to streamline the revenue recognition before they came on board, and they were not using the Products/Price Books in Salesforce at all. They could either sell in packages or individual products, and the packages configurations could vary depending on conditions such as the number of locations. The client was tracking this on a separate Google Sheets file for every single client. Also, MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) is something a bit more complex to design in Salesforce and is not configured out of the box and they did not know how to configure it. With our backend automation in place using the process builder and flows, they now can simply add the package (Bronze/Silver/Gold) and the number of locations, and Salesforce does all the heavy lifting for them. Now, with just a few clicks, gone are the days of manual spreadsheets and calculations!

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Enforcing NDAs?

For a media research client, they needed to enforce a strict NDA rule. The client did not have a way to track that or have it fire notifications. With a few simple automation and cross object validation rules, our Salesforce-certified consultants were able to make sure that we know when NDA expires (notifications) and the sales representatives are not able to close any deals unless there was a valid NDA in place. Now there is no need for the sales rep to email another person and wait for their answer to see if there was a valid NDA. Salesforce protects their sales deals to make sure they adhere to company guidelines. We are putting Salesforce automation to work to take the routine off the individual reps’ shoulders, so they can allocate more of their time being in front of the clients.

Salesforce constantly innovates and adds new features and improvements. Our consultants at KeyNode Solutions are passionate about Salesforce, and we ahead of the curve with relevant changes. We listen to your business and prescribe solutions to resolve your pain points. And our services come with user training, which is crucial for user adoption. Like how you would leave your health checkup to medical professionals, it may be beneficial for you to seek Salesforce professionals for your org checkup. We are armed with best practices and can help you apply that knowledge to you. Try it out our free Salesforce Implementation Assessment today. You just need a few clicks and you can see for yourself. No strings attached.

Reference: keynodesolutions

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