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Driving Engagement on Salesforce Communities With Walk-Throughs

Remember visiting an online community with unfriendly navigation?

How did it feel?

We bet you didn’t think twice before looking for another community.

To enable users to adapt to your Salesforce community, you need to keep user experience in mind.

When looking for ways to increase community engagement, it’s important to consider the level of user difficulty.

While some will find your community easy to use, there is an entire audience out there who could benefit from a little more direction.

The solution?

Provide walk-throughs to customers when they first land in your community.

In this blog post, you’ll learn more about the importance of walk-throughs, as well as how you can build one for your community in Salesforce Experience Cloud.

Read on to know more.

Why You Should Build Community Walk-Throughs

Maximizing Customer Engagement

By creating walk-throughs, you can get more customers into your community in a short span of time.

Providing context to customers about navigating your community will bring increased engagement.

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Driving a Higher ROI

Creating walk-throughs will also give you insights from users who are already a part of your community.

This will enable you to understand why some features are more popular in your community than others and prioritize their development.

Minimizing Costs

With increased insight from walkthroughs, you’ll make effective decisions to improve community engagement.

This means that you’ll invest in features that will truly create an impact on your community.

Reducing Manual Effort

Manual onboarding takes time and effort.

By automating the process with a community walkthrough, you can accelerate onboarding efforts.

How to Drive Engagement in Online Communities

Seamless Onboarding for New Users

The community onboarding process should be easy to understand and not require too much effort on the part of users.

You can achieve this by giving community walk-throughs to new users.

A walk-through will give customers a seamless experience when they first land in your community.

Hassle-Free Employee Training

Employees are engaging customers in communities more than ever before.

It’s important that you automate employee training in your Salesforce community.

Building a community walkthrough will enable you to get there.

Effective Change Broadcasting

It’s important to update your community frequently.

Along with this, it is also important to let users know about the latest updates.

A community walkthrough enables you to broadcast change and improve customer experiences.

GuideIn: The Future of Customer Experience on Salesforce Experience Cloud

Enabling you to onboard new users, train employees, and broadcast change on Salesforce communities with guided tours, GuideIn is a Lightning-ready solution.

Boasting of a rich GUI, it helps you build, administer, update, and track walk-throughs.


  • No-Code, Salesforce-Native, Lightning-Ready
  • Compatible With Public & Private Salesforce Pages
  • Customizable Steps & Guided Tours
  • Modifiable Step Themes
  • Intelligent Scrolling and Continuity
  • Tour Progress Tracking

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Wrapping Up

Building community walk-throughs is essential to maximizing digital adoption.

With GuideIn, you’ll be able to find out what your customers like and dislike, in order to build highly-engaging community experiences on Salesforce Experience Cloud.

Want to Maximize Digital Adoption in Your Salesforce Community? Know more!

Looking to drive community engagement with a walk-through on Experience Cloud?

Grazitti can help. Get started, today!

Should you want to know more, just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.


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