Coveo For Salesforce in Community

Coveo For Salesforce in Community


Coveo provide AI-powered search for every Salesforce customer inside Service Cloud, Community Cloud, and App Cloud.

Following key points for Coveo Search:

  • It gives your community members what they want, all in one place
  • It automatically delivers what actually helps people
  • Makes self-service personal and proactive
  • It also gets your community members involved
  • Achieves new levels of relevance, with less effort
  • It helps in maintaining control of the search experience
  • It measures your success with ease
  • It is fully integrated into Salesforce. Easily configurable
  • It provides Cloud scalability. Lightning performance.
  • It includes Enterprise-grade security


Implementation of Coveo in Salesforce Community

  1. First Install Coveo managed package in Salesforce Org with the latest version
    • Download the Coveo for Salesforce package from the Salesforce AppExchange. If not already done, log in to your Salesforce organization.
    • On the Install Coveo for Salesforce V2 page, you can select any of below options, I have selected Install for Admins Only, and click Install.
    • After that you redirected to the Approve Third-Party Access window, check Yes, grant access to these third-party websites, and select Continue.
    • Once the installation is completed, click Done.
  2. Configuring Coveo for Salesforce Express
    • In Salesforce, on the Installed Packages page, next to the Coveo for Salesforce V2 package, select Configure as shown in below screenshot.
    • Under Configure Coveo for Salesforce, you have the following two options either select Create a New Coveo Organization or Link To An Existing Coveo Organization, If already exist.
    • If Creating a new Coveo Organisation, Under Choose a Coveo Plan, either choose the Free edition or start a trial of Coveo for Salesforce Express by selecting Start Trial under Express. Once you have selected your plan, under Organization name, choose a name for your organization, and select Create.
    • In the Allow Access? window, allow the Coveo Cloud Platform access to your Salesforce organization
    • Coveo4
  3. Allowing User ImpersonationDisable Automatic Identity Fallback
    • In Setup, search for and select Installed Packages (Build > Installed Packages).
    • Next, to the Coveo for Salesforce V2 package, select Configure.
    • Click on Advanced Configuration.
    • In the panel that appears, under When the JWT flow is not properly configured, fallback on admin identity, select Disallow.
    • Click Save Changes.
  4. Customizing Your Search Pages
    • Access the Community Builder.
      • In Setup, search for and select All Communities (Build > Customize > Communities > All Communities).
      • Next to your community, select Builder.
      • Access the People Page and drag and drop Coveo Search Component.
      • Access the Coveo component, In the lower-right corner of the component, click the arrow button to expand the box.
      • In the Interface Editor menu, click Edit.
      • Click on Code View, You can edit code here and Click Save.

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