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Salesforce Data Cleansing - Maintain Your Data Quality

In the Salesforce world, the major part is played by data as we all are aware that Salesforce manages to have data in immense amounts without any storage hurdles as it stores all of its data on the cloud. With the benefit of having storage capacity with this ease, the user should keep in mind that data cleansing is also important to maximize the outcome out of this data. Poor quality data leads to incorrect assumptions in the Sales of the company and employees get stuck with lots of data to work upon. The major threat of this is for the employees contacting the prospects may be fruitless because of wrong information in the CRM and it may end up in false strategies for sales reports on the basis of inappropriate data.


The basic answer to tackle the doubt that why to take the burden of Salesforce data cleansing is simply that anyone can get stuck in the loop of information and comes out with no fruitful result adding the waste of time upon it. The prism of employees will always be on the side of data cleansing as it makes it easy to work with information rather than just on poor quality data.

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Benefits of Data cleansing

Increased Productivity

Having complete data in the database and the level of accuracy in it let the sales representative put their efforts to the potential leads and lead conversions are in the right number.

Shorter Sales Cycle

The accuracy in CRM data leads to priorities in their lead conversion activities and to let them pave their way to opportunities and close it in a shorter time as compared to uncleansed data.

Accurate Analysis

Forecasting is accurate if the data is reliable and Sales analytics is as efficient as the data in CRM. Reliable reports will also be produced due to the accuracy in forecasting.

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Best Practices


Rather than bulking up data to filter them at once, it is a good practice to make data cleansing on a regular basis. Depending upon the data the management can offer the manual cleansing or by taking the help of automated data cleansing tools.

Improved Process

Data cleansing standards should be revised as the sales input data standards are changed. It is important to keep the data cleansing up-to-date with the sales strategies as it will help in cope up with the changes and enhancement demand in the input data. 

Technical Measures

It is a very proactive approach to filter data at the entry point by adding validation rules or coded triggers on input data so that data is entered in the org after filtration only. It will in return prevent the wastage of capital on filtration of data after it has been stored in the org.

Dedicated Employee

Assign a dedicated employee for a weekly check of the data cleansing and to check the health of data after updation or addition.


In order to work with data and information, it is important to be dedicated to its hygiene and by the right accuracy, it makes the sales cycle easy and beneficial. Salesforce data cleansing is easy when it is parallelly initiated with the input of data. The more profit from data any business wants the more it needs to focus on the quality of data.

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