Control Access to Organization

Control Access to Organization | Salesforce Guide

When it is necessary to protect the data at the broadest level, it can be done by managing users, passwords policies and applying some limits regarding user logins. This all can be done using and within the Organization level control access.

Manage Users

When any user creates an account or joins Salesforce, he gets a username, a password and a profile. Well so here profiles play an important role to determine user tasks, data and even what they can do with that data.

Here we are going to see how a user is created:

In Salesforce it is possible to create one as well as multiple users. And the most interesting thing is that it is so easy to do. 

  1. Very first go to setup and in Quick Find box search for Users.
  2. Now we will see a New User tab, click on it. (If you want to add Multiple users we can do that also from there by clicking on Add Multiple User). 
  3. Now Use the Quick Find box to find Users | Users in Setup.
  4. Click New User. Or you can click Add Multiple Users to add up to ten users at a time.
  5. Enter the User name, email address, and a one of a kind username as an email address. Naturally, the username is as old as the email address. 
  6. Select the client permit this User will have. The permit figures out which profiles are accessible for every User. 
  7. Select a profile, which determines the Users base consents and access settings.
  8. Select the choice to produce another secret phrase and tell the client, then, at that point, save. 

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Deactivate a User

In Salesforce once a user is created you can’t delete it, but if you want to do so then you have an option to deactivate it. Once the account is deactivated the user isn't able to log in and loses all the access. So here is the way to deactivate a User.

  1. Go to Setup, in Quick find box search for Users, once you see it click on it.
  2. Go to the User to whom you want to deactivate, click edit next to the user names.
  3. There is a checkbox named Active, clear the checkbox and then click Save.

There is a condition where you are not able to deactivate a User, so you can freeze that User so that he isn't able to get logging. It can be done in this way:

  • Go to Setup, in the Quick Find box search Users.
  • Select the User whose account you want to freeze.
  • Click on the Freeze tab for that User. The User will be freeze and lose all its access to that account until it does not get unfreeze.

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Specify Trusted IP Ranges

You can Set Up a range of IP addresses.

  1. Go to Setup and in the Quick Find box, search for Network Access, click on it.
  2. In that menu click on the new tab.
  3. Here you will get an option to enter the start and endpoint of the IP addresses.
  4. Click on the Save button.


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