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An Introduction to Salesforce Lightning Bolt Solution

Lightning Bolt Solution

An incredible new framework for faster deployment of next-generation communities and portals.

Lightning Bolt for Salesforce enables you to quickly build and distribute industry-specific Lightning Bolt solutions to initiate new organizational functions. Save time by creating once and reusing again and again.

The main purpose of Salesforce Lightning Bolt is to deploy and deliver highly personalized communities and quickly establish mobile portals. This brand new framework adds strength to the enterprise by carefully designing incredible portals and communities. 

It enables partners to create an exciting customer-facing website that can with just a few clicks, can seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, saving you a lot of trouble and confusion.

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The Lightning Bolt solution combines custom Lightning applications, Lightning template pages, and business processes in a simpler and distributable format.

With Lightning Bolt Solutions, you can share solutions on AppExchange, build and reuse visualized personalized communities, and configure automation. It enables you to publish applications or streams without using Lightning community templates.

The Lightning solution should be a combination of one or more of the following items

  1. Lightning Community Templates
  2. Flow category
  3. Custom application

Lightning Community Templates

Templates include CSS and theme layouts as well as pages, lighting components, and content layouts. Instead of exporting a complete template, you can export individual community pages and content layouts and components.

Flow Category

It contains one or more flows, which can easily bundle group flows into related processes of the business.

Custom Applications

You can add custom applications to create solutions that suit your business needs.

Steps to Build a Lightning Bolt Solution

Step 1:

Create a community and make all the necessary changes you want to make.

To get started with communities, you must first enable it and select a domain.

Communities Settings >> Community >> New Community

Step 2:

Export the community template.

After making all changes, click "Settings", then "Developer", and fill in all the necessary details.

Step 3:

Now create Lightning Bolt Solutions.

Bolt Solutions address the needs of specific industries and functions with tailored apps and business processes.

Quick find search >> Lightning Bolt Solution >> A detailed page will appear on the screen, where you must enter the required information about Lightning Solution.

Step 4:

Select the desired template you want to export and click Finish.

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If you want to share the Lightning bolt solution with anyone, you can create a Managed Package and share it with anyone you want.

Overall Conclusion

Salesforce Lightning Bolt Solution is an excellent tool that can change the ability of growth-driven organizations to provide a personalized and pleasing customer experience. Immediately use Salesforce Lightning Bolt to enhance user engagement and improve the consumer experience to support your organization.


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