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6 Types of Salesforce Operations to Be Familiar With

Understanding the different types of Salesforce operations increases user productivity, boosts customer satisfaction and ensures that you are building in line with the best practices for Salesforce.

While it is possible to customize your Salesforce tool to meet the exact needs of your business, there are certain features and operations that a Salesforce admin must be familiar with. Here are some of them:

Lightning Flow

Phone calls can be pretty frustrating in this age, but you can use the Salesforce Lightning Flow to prevent this CSR handoff. It also has powerful actions and recommendations that show:

  • Auto launched flows
  • Active screen flows
  • Recommendations
  • Quick actions

The component pull results from applying the next best action strategy. It is similar to a checklist but has more power.

Omni-Channel routing

When dealing with customer support issues, time is crucial. Thankfully, it is now possible to push these cases to the Agent Workspace directly. The Omni-Channel Routing ensures that you can assign these cases to appropriate agents based on their skills and availability. According to a pro essay writing service, it also allows you set automation rules so that different cases are handled by appropriate agents based on the situation.

Since you already have proper insights into the agents that are best equipped for different situations, you can automatically set the rules combining criteria such as areas of expertise and caseload numbers to assign cases to customer reps.

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List views

Salesforce’s list view is one of the most likeable features about it. It shows your records in a list, and you can find them on each object’s home tab. For instance, there are a couple of list views that you will find on the lead object, such as “Recently viewed leads,” “Today’s leads,” and other custom list views you create.

List views allow you to edit and view multiple records simultaneously, which is a significant advantage. It appears similar to Excel spreadsheets and is probably why many users love it.

Console Productivity Enhancements

According to NinjaEssays, Macros and Quick Text are two of the best productivity enhancers on Salesforce.

  • Macros work best for repetitive tasks that your agents have to perform.
  • The quick text allows the user to add predefined messages in the chats, activity, emails, etc.

If CRM users have to perform sequences of tasks before they close a case, then this tool may come in handy. For instance, they may need to update case information or send an email to close a case. This tool allows them to do this by clicking a button. So, this action is completed in a step.

Data Loader

The Data Loader is an essential operation to familiarize yourself with. It enables you to import, export, delete and update records in your CRM. It is often used for data migration – adding data from a system to Salesforce, mass deleting unnecessary records, mass updating new information on records, exporting data as backup, etc.

It also has a Data Import Wizard with all Salesforce org CRM and can be accessed through Salesforce setup. However, it is essential to note that Data Loader is different from Data Import Wizard, and you must be able to differentiate when to use each one.

Service Cloud Telephony Integration

Salesforce Service Cloud Telephony Integration allows you to increase the productivity of your CSRs, and this works for all organizations – whether they use Lightning Dialer, which provides numbers for inbound and outbound calling capability, or the use of an Open CTI that integrates other third-party CTI systems with Salesforce.

The Lightning Dialer is one of the add-on features that can be accessed for an extra cost. However, there are a couple of things to consider before determining whether to consider or switch to alternatives. First, if you are using a telephony system already, the best solution is the Open CTI, which is platform and browser agnostic.

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Whether as a manager or Salesforce admin, there are several operations in Salesforce that you need to be familiar with to maximize the platform and improve your productivity. The six operations and features in this article are only a few of them.

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