What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Credits : Cynoteck Technology Solutions

Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps in digital marketing automation and analytics. In this video, we have provided detailed information about what is salesforce cloud and its key features. Watch out this video to know more about it.
Video Transcript
Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a Digital Marketing Platform created to ensure that marketers manage, build, and improve their marketing relationship with their clients, partners, and vendor.
Salesforce marketing cloud is the single tool businesses need for all their digital marketing activity.
It allows marketers to personalize the experiences of their customers across every platform through different tools such as:
Journey Builder
Helps to manage the different steps a subscriber or customer pass through while considering, utilizing, buying, and sustaining fidelity to a company or brand.
Social Studio
Allows you to connect your service, marketing, and sales squad to your subscribers and customers across social network sites.
Email Studio
Used for email marketing with features such as newsletters, campaigns and A/B testing.
Mobile Studio
Used for mobile marketing with features such as sms, mms, group messaging and push notifications.
Audience Studio
Unifies data from different sources, then combine, break, and activate audiences so customers can get the best experience.
Data Studio
Allows data customers and makers to connect and create marketing opportunities for business in need of new audiences.
Advertising Studio
Used in advertising the products and services of an organization across social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


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