Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) Crash Course | The Complete Hands-on Tutorials

Credits : SFDCFacts Academy

SOQL in Salesforce is used to retrieve data from the Salesforce database for specific information. This video covers everything you need to know as a beginner to SOQL from writing your first SOQL query to making your interview ready.

0:00 - What is SOQL? Why do we use it?
1:15 - Demystify a SOQL query
1:54 - How to build or write a SOQL query?
3:21 - Project's object schema overview
3:55 - Auto Build SOQL using Dev console
5:29 - Query standard object records using SOQL (Write your first SOQL query)
6:25 - Querying custom object's records using SOQL
7:49 - Filtering records using SOQL (Using WHERE clause in SOQL)
9:00 - AND Operator in SOQL (using multiple filter conditions)
10:34 - OR Operator in SOQL
11:28 - Using AND and OR operator together in SOQL
13:45 - Using multiple OR conditions in SOQL
14:50 - Using IN operator in SOQL (combining multiple OR conditions together in SOQL)
16:03 - Using LIKE operator in SOQL (Finding close match records with SOQL)
19:58 - ORDER BY clause in SOQL (Sorting records using SOQL)
22:20 - Comparison Operators in SOQL (Equals, greater than, not equals, less than, etc)
25:50 - Date Literals in SOQL (working with date fields in SOQL)
28:53 - Using LIMIT keyword in SOQL (Limiting the number of records in resultset in SOQL)
29:55 - OFFSET keyword in SOQL
31:07 - Understanding Relationship Queries in SOQL (No join queries)
33:55 - Getting Relationship Name for SOQL
36:02 - Inner SOQL Queries on Standard Objects, Fetching Child Records along with Parent in SOQL (Parent to Child Relationship SOQL queries) - Standard Objects
38:09 - Inner SOQL Queries on Custom Objects, Fetching Child Records along with Parent in SOQL (Parent to Child Relationship SOQL queries)
41:47 - Child to Parent Relationship Queries on Standard objects
45:47 - Child to Parent Relationship Queries on Custom objects
49:00 - Advanced SOQL - GROUP BY Clause Overview
50:17 - Using Aggregate Function in SOQL (MAX, SUM, AVG, MIN, COUNT functions) - Advanced SOQL
52:47 - Aggregate functions with GROUP BY clause in SOQL


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