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    What is API in Salesforce?

    What is API in Salesforce?



    In simple words, API stand for Application programming interface.API is protocol thorugh which one application communicate with other. Salesforce can integrate with third party application and communicate data with API.

    Salesforce API are :-

    1. REST API
    2. SOAP API
    3. Tooling API
    4. Chatter REST API
    5. Apex REST API etc.
    Salesforce | Parul Parul #2

    Salesforce APIs: Below are the different types of Salesforce APIs available.

    REST API: This is useful to access objects in your Salesforce organization using REST.

    SOAP API: This API is useful to integrate your Salesforce organization data with other application using SOAP.

    Bulk API: This API is useful to work with large number of records (Load or delete large number of records).

    METADATA API: This API is useful to manage build tools and manage customizations.



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