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    What is a concise function that formats a (String) decimal into a currency format in Salesforce Apex?

    What is a concise function that formats a (String) decimal into a currency format in Apex?


    Salesforce | Saurabh Saurabh #132

    Hi Manpreet

    public static String currency(String i) {
    String s = ( Decimal.valueOf(i==null||i.trim()==”?’0′:i).setScale(2) + 0.001 ).format();
    return s.substring(0,s.length()-1);

    Hope it may help

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    Currency format of different countries are different,so we assume here “1,000.00” as currency format because in most of English countries this currency format is used.Let’s try this code-

    String i=’2050066.50′;
    String s = ( Decimal.valueOf(i==null||i.trim()==”?’0′:i).setScale(2) + 0.001 ).format();
    String p = s.substring(0,s.length()-1);




    The following should do the trick, with the assumption that your locale for currency formatting is correct. Edited to handle null being passed, and zero values after the decimal.

    public static String currency(String input) {
    if ( input == null ) {
    return '0.00';

    Decimal d1 = Decimal.valueOf(input).setScale(2);
    String str = d1.format();
    if( !str.contains('.' ) ) {
    str = str + '.00';

    return str;


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