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    How to export records from Salesforce using Data Loader?

    How to export records from Salesforce using Data Loader?



    You can use the Data Loader export wizard to extract data from a Salesforce object:

    • Open the Data Loader.
    • Click Export. If you want to also export archived activity records and soft-deleted records, click Export All instead.
    • Enter your Salesforce username and password, and click Log in.
    • When you’re logged in, click Next. (You are not asked to log in again until you log out or close the program.)
    • Choose an object. For example, select the Account object. If your object name isn’t listed, select Show all objects to see all the objects that you can access. The objects are listed by localized label name, with the developer name in parentheses.
    • Select the CSV file to export the data to. You can choose an existing file or create a file.If you select an existing file, the export replaces its contents. To confirm the action, click Yes, or choose another file by clicking No.
    • Click Next.
    • Create a SOQL query for the data export. For example, select Id and Name in the query fields, and click Finish. As you follow the next steps, the CSV viewer displays all the Account names and their IDs. SOQL is the Salesforce Object Query Language. Similar to the SELECT command in SQL, with SOQL, you can specify the source object, a list of fields to retrieve, and conditions for selecting rows in the source object.
    • Choose the fields you want to export.
    • Optionally, select conditions to filter your dataset. If you do not select any conditions, all the data to which you have read access is returned.
    • Review the generated query and edit if necessary.
    • Click Finish, then click Yes to confirm.
    • To view the CSV file. click View Extraction, or to close, click OK.


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