Benefits of Using WhatsApp For Better Customer Engagement

WhatsApp makes businesses more interactive and reliable. Customers can directly connect with a company, clear their doubts, and leverage a connected experience.

  • 5 million business users are actively connecting with customers via WhatsApp
  • 80% of businesses believe that WhatsApp has helped them in business growth
  • 84% of Small and Medium businesses agreed that WhatsApp has helped them build strong communication with clients.

Best 5 Ways to Improve Conversations with Customers By Using WhatsApp

  • Faster Follow Up – WhatsApp enables your service agents to rapidly revert to customers’ queries. It will shorten waiting time and improve the customer experience.
  • Rapid Case Resolution – Whenever a customer sends a message via WhatsApp, you or a service agent can resolve the case by leveraging an AI-powered bot.
  • Updates & Notification – Through WhatsApp Salesforce integration, you can send on-time notifications to your clients. It will enable lead nurturing, improve conversion, and deliver personalized support.
  • Improved Services – The Artificial Intelligence enabled bots will help you connect with your customers. It increases automation in the process and accelerates customer experience.
  • Multi-Channel Services – Salesforce help businesses scale their service on clients’ preferred digital channel. It will be convenient for customers and boost productivity.


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