What’s New in Salesforce Health Cloud Features? – Summer ’19

Salesforce Health Cloud Features – Salesforce releases more than 150 features three times a year during its seasonal releases – Spring, Summer, and Winter. Each release is packed with the most advanced and recommended features by Salesforce users, admins and developers aimed to help you accelerate your Salesforce instance to transform customer experiences, improve customer satisfaction, drive brand engagement, and beyond. So, what’s in store for the Health Cloud users with the latest Salesforce release?

Here’s a roundup of our most favorite and newest Salesforce Health Cloud features, updates and everything you need to know about the latest in Salesforce Health Cloud!

Salesforce Health Cloud Features – Get a Single View of Patient Data with Health Cloud Data Model

A comprehensive, 360-degree view of a patient’s health information is critical to delivering quality care to patients. A real-time single view of patients will enable hospitals and healthcare providers to give patients a more holistic care aimed to deliver enhanced patient experiences. The Salesforce Health Cloud Data Model tracks and organizes patient data to create unified views of patients, personalize treatments, enhance communication and improve health outcomes, while strictly adhering to HIPAA requirements.

Enhance Patient Experiences with Lightning Scheduler

Lightning Scheduler significantly improves patient experiences by enabling them to easily book appointments, access files and reports and select locations for care. This Salesforce Health Cloud feature can be leveraged to quickly set up appointments within Salesforce workflows, including leads and referrals, opportunities and accounts. Here are a few things you can do with Lightning Scheduler

  • Create records of your employees and add details about their skills, locations, and availability
  • Define office locations and hours of operation
  • Create appointment topics including account opening and mortgage application
  • Find out employees with the right skills for an appointment, such as certification and levels of expertise
  • Schedule customer appointments and include details on requires attendees, and more

Drive Patient Adherence with Life Sciences Program Management

This Salesforce Health Cloud feature is designed to maximize the impact of your Life Sciences programs with management tools to drive patient adherence and improve patient outcomes. You can take advantage of Life Sciences Program Management Data Model to define programs, manage relationships, activities and beyond. It comprises of a wide variety of Program Management features including Care Program, Care Program Campaign, Care Program Enrolee, Care Program Product among many others. The Program Management Data Model gives you a 360-degree view of a program ranging from products and providers to enrolment eligibility of an enrolee to improve patient adherence and drive patient outcomes.

Provide Connected Care with Health Cloud Interoperability

System interoperability can drastically improve the healthcare scenario. According to the National Health Information Exchange and Interoperability report, 80 percent of healthcare providers revealed that electronic data exchanges increased their efficiency, while 89 percent said they improved their patient’s quality of care. Salesforce Health Cloud’s interoperability capabilities ensure that your Salesforce instance seamlessly integrates with different technology systems and software applications to give you a unified view of patients enabling you to deliver hyper-personalized and connected patient experiences.

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