What is the Salesforce Net Zero Cloud?

What is Salesforce Net Zero Cloud?

Barely a day goes by without there being something in the news about climate change, sustainability or carbon footprints. It is a major focus for all governments, business and individuals who are seeking to minimise their impact on the environment, but did you know that Salesforce have a product specifically designed to help you measure and manage your carbon footprint, and therefore your impact on the world? Welcome to Salesforce Net Zero Cloud.

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud is a complete sustainability management platform for your business to track and analyse your carbon emissions and environmental footprint in a single location. Salesforce’s aim with this product is to enable all their customers to track and reduce their emissions and to reach net zero now.

Built on the Salesforce platform, Net Zero Cloud customers get all the advantages of Salesforce solutions such as full customisation, bulk uploading of data, APIs to connect with other platforms, Tableau CRM for full reporting and analysis of the data and Experience Cloud powering a supplier management portal.

Where Do We Start?

Well, the first step is to understand your current position. With Net Zero Cloud, you can quickly view, analyse and report on your environmental footprint with reliable investor-grade data.  As well as providing a baseline to start action planning from, the data is at a quality that allows for third-party audits and financial filings. Having this quality of data builds trust and confidence in your stakeholders and does wonders for your corporate reputation.

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Of course, we need to ensure that Net Zero Cloud becomes the single source of truth for all your environmental data and we can achieve this be loading data through APIs, bill scanning or bulk uploads. Add to this the reporting power of CRM Analytics and you will quickly find that you are spending a lot less time collating data manually and analysing it for your analytics – let the power of the Net Zero Cloud platform do the heavy lifting for you here as you spend more of your time bringing forward sustainability initiatives with your stakeholders that will make the real difference!

Sounds great so far but what is the detail of what’s included?

Net Zero Cloud utilises the power of the Salesforce platform by providing you with:

  • Out of the box detailed dashboards for Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions plus waste management
  • Pre-built portal templates that allow you to engage with suppliers and collaborate directly with them as you drive towards a sustainable supply chain
  • A supplier data management model
  • The power of Einstein AI that delivers actionable insights using what-if analysis, aligned to science-based targets and forecasting
  • The ability to simulate scenarios to find your fastest path to Net Zero
  • Full mobile access so you can be in touch with your data wherever you go

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And remember of course that all this lives on the Salesforce platform so you have access to the usual array of Salesforce goodness that allows you to customise your processes and automate workflows that provide even more time back to you to spend on delivering the action plan.

There is a lot more that sits under the bonnet of Salesforce Net Zero Cloud, and it is all built on the world’s number 1 CRM platform so you know you will be getting a dataset that you can trust.

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