What are auditing and monitoring tools?

What are Monitoring and Auditing Tools in Salesforce? | All You Need to Know

In this post, we will learn about the Monitoring and Auditing Tools Present in Salesforce. One key aspect of effective Salesforce management is the ability to monitor and audit system usage, ensuring that data is accurate and secure and that users are following best practices and protocols. In this blog, we'll explore some of the top monitoring and auditing tools available for Salesforce users. 

Monitoring and Auditing Tools in Salesforce

  • Event Monitoring 

Event Monitoring is a powerful tool that allows administrators to track and analyze user activity within Salesforce, including login and logout times, page views, report and dashboard accesses, and API usage. This information can be used to identify potential security risks, monitor system performance, and improve user productivity. 

  • Salesforce Optimizer 

Salesforce Optimizer is a tool that helps users identify and resolve issues with their Salesforce implementation. It analyzes the data and configuration of a Salesforce instance and provides recommendations to optimize the performance, user experience, and adoption of the platform. 

The Salesforce optimizer can identify various issues such as data skew, inefficient custom code, unused fields, and more. It also provides actionable recommendations to address these issues and improve the overall performance and efficiency of the Salesforce instance. 

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  • Manual Org Assessment 

A manual org assessment in Salesforce involves a comprehensive review of an organization's Salesforce instance to identify areas of improvement and opportunities for optimization. This assessment is typically conducted by Salesforce experts or consultants and involves an evaluation of the organization's Salesforce setup, data management, and business processes. 

  • View Setup Audit Trail 

A View Setup Audit Trail is a record of changes made to the configuration of a Salesforce view. In Salesforce, a view is a way of filtering and displaying records that meet certain criteria. 

The View Setup Audit Trail tracks changes made to views by users with the "View Setup and Configuration" permission. This can include changes to the filter criteria, column layout, and other settings that affect how the view displays records. 

The View Setup Audit Trail provides administrators with a way to review and monitor changes made to views in their Salesforce organization. By reviewing the audit trail, administrators can ensure that changes to views are made in accordance with company policies and best practices, and can identify any unauthorized or potentially harmful changes. 

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  • API Usage Notification 

In Salesforce, an API Usage Notification is a notification that is sent to inform users or administrators when they have reached a certain limit of API calls within a specified time period. Salesforce allows users to make API calls to interact with Salesforce data and functionality. 

API Usage Notifications can help organizations to monitor their API usage and ensure that they do not exceed their API limits. These notifications can be configured to be sent to administrators, developers, or other users in the organization. They typically provide information such as the number of API calls made, the remaining number of API calls available, and the time period within which the limit must be respected. 


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