Top Salesforce Spring '22 Features in Nonprofit and Education Cloud

Salesforce stays at the top of its game by releasing the latest features for every cloud. Let's have a look at the new Spring '22 additions to the Nonprofit and Education cloud in this blog.

Einstein For Nonprofits

New features in Einstein for Nonprofits enable organizations to harness the power of data-driven predictions.

Einstein for NGOs enables organizations to harness the predictive value of their data. Einstein is simple to set up for organizations.

It has three forecasts.

Whether you're a first-time contributor, a frequent donor, or a top donor, there's a good chance you'll donate again.

With a touch of a button, you may select which one you wish to train.

You're ready to proceed after you've enabled the forecast.

Tableau Accelerators for Nonprofits in Marketing Cloud

Tableau Starter templates for nonprofit marketers allow you to monitor performance and gain insight into income over time, campaign performance, and donor and gift benchmark information.

Marketing Cloud

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Enhancements to the Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits

Datorama has been added to Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits to help you enhance your marketing ROI.

Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits

Enhancements to Elevate

With PayPal Checkout and support for the Worldpay (previously Vantiv) payment gateway, you may boost your digital fundraising efforts. With the new onboarding status page, you can easily teach workers and admins may test in a risk-free environment.

Enhancements to the Accounting Subledger

Any data model may be used to track transaction-level income and spending detail.

digital fundraising

Tableau Accelerators for Education Cloud are a Set of Tools that Help you Get More Out of Tableau

Get a head start on your analytics with pre-built data for Student Success Hub and Admissions Connect.

Education Cloud

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Chatbot for Financial Aid

Allow students to receive rapid answers regarding their financial eligibility. Provide answers to application inquiries, as well as proactive notifications of future local, state, and federal deadlines.

application inquiries
These are the latest advancements in the Nonprofit and Education Cloud. If you are looking to integrate these game-changing features into your organization, get in touch with team Apphienz today. Visit our website for more information or write to us in case of any further queries. Our experts will assist you with all your questions.


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