Salesforce Quip Integration — Get Everyone on the Same Page — Literally

Workplace Collaboration among stakeholders and team members is crucial to success in any business undertaking. It is a sign of an effective team and harnesses the best out of the individuals. However, the surprising fact is that much waste in businesses, large and small is derived from miscommunication and missed opportunities. To seamlessly unite team members from anywhere and to enable frictionless communication across teams, Salesforce presents the Quip application to get everyone on the same page – literally! Salesforce Quip is a unique team collaboration platform that combines content and communication in one central hub that is accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device. Take a deep dive into the brilliant features and remarkable benefits of Salesforce Quip Integration that makes it a truly unique tool for building a collaborative workforce.

Salesforce Quip Integration

The Salesforce Quip Integration allows you to take workplace collaboration to the next level by integrating content including documents, spreadsheets and slides right into your chats, checklists and Project Management. Consider the fact that Teams using Quip are 46% more Productive. And when integrated with the World’s #1 CRM – Salesforce, the results are bound to be massively powerful. To integrate Salesforce with Quip, you need the Quip Connect package available in Salesforce AppExchange. Quip Connect for Salesforce allows you to bring your customer data into the platform that your organization works on. With Quip connect, you can import Salesforce data into Quip docs and Spreadsheets or access Quip documents from Salesforce. To install and configure Quip connect for Salesforce, follow the instructions below

  1. Open the Quip Connect for SalesforceAppExchange page
  2. Click Get in now.
  3. Click Login to the AppExchange – it will redirect you to login using your Salesforce credentials.
  4. Click Install in production.
  5. Check I’ve read and agree to the terms and conditions and click Confirm and Install.
  6. You should now see the installation screen for the package. Click Install for All Users and click Install.
  7. You should then see a loading screen. The installation process may take a few minutes.

On successful installation, you can skip the next section and move on to Quip Package Setup. This is an overview of the installation process for Quip Connect for Salesforce. However, the installation process varies with the types of Quip customers. To get step by step instructions on the Quip Connect for Salesforce Installation process based on the user type, click here. Also, watch the video demo of Quip Integration.

Salesforce Quip Pricing

Usage Limits for Salesforce Quip

Salesforce Quip is available for free for unlimited personal use. However, sharing with a company or a group has its limitations. To get complete details on the limitations, check out the Salesforce Quip Group Usage limits and the unlimited Pricing plans.

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