Salesforce Winter '22 Release Highlights

With fall now upon us, the weather is cooling, the leaves are changing, and the Salesforce Winter '22 Release is here! Chock-full of impressive new features and improvements, the Winter '22 Release gives users and developers many reasons to rejoice.

As with each of the other two annual releases, Winter '22 brings a suite of changes with effects to your Salesforce org reaching far and wide. Here we will highlight some of the most impactful release items.

Sales: Territory Planning Enhancements

Salesforce's Maps Territory Planning functionality has enabled companies to align their territory-based sales processes with the platform's flexible and powerful territory distribution mapping tool. Winter '22 provides even more customizability to territory planning that allows you to configure territories to better meet the needs of your business and your customers. Now, users have the ability to design territories to include both contiguous and noncontiguous areas, limit assignments to ensure even distribution of opportunities to sales reps, and control the assignment of containers or units to an area with regard to others within the focus. Each of these enhancements elevates the existing territory management tool's ability to serve the complex needs of territory-based sales.

salesforce map

Service: Customer Service Incident Management

The new Incident Management feature aims to reduce the number of your customer's red-alarm emergencies when incidents occur. New tools allow you to track, diagnose, and avert service interruptions before they happen. Escalation teams can track disruptions and dynamically route tasks to agents to meet customer expectations. Once the root cause is identified, it can be logged, and the change manager can then determine the steps required to prevent the incident from occurring again. These new tools can help your business retain its reputation and focus on providing value to your customers.

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Marketing: Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud – Advanced

As an upgrade to Datorama Reports, the new advanced features increase the usefulness of existing reporting and analytics tools for Marketing Cloud. Users now have the ability to create dashboards for end-users, define key performance indicators, and leverage Datorama's numerous functions to create even more fields and attributes than was previously possible. Showcase your data and improve your marketing analytics with these impressive new features.

Experience Cloud: Microsites

Microsites are an exciting new feature that enables users to quickly build attractive and customizable web pages with an assortment of templates and capture user data to create leads. All of this is made possible using Salesforce's Lightning Web Runtime, and you can do it without the expense of developing a complete site. Designed to meet the pace of a rapidly developing digital presence, Microsites can be archived once they have met their need and free up space for more sites. With drag and drop components, CMS integration, and content delivery network enhancements, quickly building a dynamic and high-performance site has become a reality.

Platform: Salesforce Functions

As described by the company itself, Salesforce Functions allows you to "innovate fast and meet customer demands anywhere." Through the power of elastic computing and the flexibility of open language, Salesforce has given you the ability to scale digital experiences by extending your already existing data and workflows. By reducing your own infrastructure's responsibility and giving you the power to integrate FaaS apps with your org, you can raise developer productivity and scale elastically.

Analytics: Tableau CRM Output Connectors

With this update, Salesforce introduces two new Output Connectors for Tableau CRM. If you have ever wanted to share Tableau CRM's powerfully curated data with Tableau Online or aggregate data from multiple sources to write metrics to Salesforce, now you can. After transforming and cleaning your data in Tableau CRM, push it to Tableau Online and utilize its tools to optimize deals and identify trends. Leverage more tools across more platforms to get the most out of your data.

Industries: Digital Process Automation for Financial Services Cloud + Industries CPQ Enhancements

Powered by the OmniStudio Platform, Digital Process Automation for Financial Services Cloud enables an automated and connected end-to-end work environment. With Decision Tables, Calculation Matrices & Procedures, and Intelligent Document Automation, you can improve your customer and employee experience.

Some welcome enhancements brought to Industries CPQ help to simplify bulk asset change scenarios while improving ordering and processing capabilities. Service agents can now complete changes more quickly and accurately and endure less manual entry.

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Nonprofit: Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits

Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits brings many of the Salesforce marketing capabilities you know and love to the Nonprofit side. Personalized emails with custom nonprofit tailored templates, audience segmentation, and automated email campaigns make fundraising and outreach easy. No matter the size of your constituency, you will have the tools to communicate and engage with them all effectively.

Commence the Configuration

So there you have it: an impressive list of changes that underscores Salesforce's continuing commitment to incorporating more dynamic and potent solutions to the platform. Though these highlights represent a subset of the Winter '22 Release, it is easy to see the potential to improve many processes currently residing in a variety of orgs. If you wish to learn more about these updates or the others included in the release, please check out the official release notes

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